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Q2 Thao Dien – A truly “green” and classy lifestyle

Posted by Dennis Dennis on 17/05/2021
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Q2 Thao Dien Apartment – A truly “green” and classy lifestyle

Residents at Q2 Thao Dien Apartment comfortably enjoy natural beauty and panoramic view of Saigon River without stepping out of their house thanks to the harmony between sophisticated design and open view. Moreover, inspired by multi-faceted gemstones, the building’s architectural exterior is “carved” impressively to exude a luxurious and dynamic beauty. However, the Project also focuses on “green” and ecological approaches to every detail. As a result, Q2 Thao Dien Apartment will bring residents and visitors a fresh natural environment in every open space to relax, meet and exchange.

Q2 Thao Dien - A truly "green" and classy lifestyle

“green” and classy Q2 Thao Dien

1. An overview of Q2 Thao Dien

  • Area: 7,955 sqm
  • Development details: 333 Apartments, 13 Shoplot, 12 Townhouses, 6 Villas and 1 32-storey office tower.
  • Location: No. 21, Vo Truong Toan Street, Thao Dien Ward, Thu Duc City

Blending the rhythm of modern, high-class and having a cool and peaceful green space are unique highlights that Q2 Thao Dien Project brings.

Q2 Thao Dien is directly connected to the city’s arterial traffic system. For instance, it only takes residents about 10 minutes to enter the center of District 1, 500m away to An Phu metro station, 2.5 km to Thao Dien river bus station and about 350m from Saigon River. Thus, homeowners of Q2 Thao Dien Apartment can fully enjoy a cool living space with sunshine and cool natural wind.

Q2 Thao Dien - A truly "green" and classy lifestyle

Prime location of Q2 Thao Dien

2. Products of the Project


Worc@Q2 is a high-class office complex in Q2 Thao Dien community. It owns a prime location in the East of Ho Chi Minh City. Surrounding it, there are high-class residential and commercial areas and a romantic space with sweeping views of the picturesque Saigon River.

Q2 Thao Dien - A truly "green" and classy lifestyle

Worc@Q2 – a high-class office complex

Q2 Terrace

Q2 Terrace, the unique limited edition of Q2 Thao Dien, stay at bright spot of Thao Dien area just a few steps away. Firstly, with the future Metro An Phu subway line, it will connect to the city center conveniently and easily. Secondly, Q2 Terrace is located from the ground floor to the 3rd floor of the residential tower. Moreover, there are commercial shops with two fronts of Vo Truong Toan and Street no. 10, along with modern design and sidewalks up to 8.5m wide or on the ground floor of shops with 6.5m high. All create an extremely airy and comfortable space. Therefore, Q2 Terrace is expected to become an attractive new destination for dynamic and sophisticated people.

Q2 Thao Dien - A truly "green" and classy lifestyle

Q2 Terrace – the unique limited edition of Q2 Thao Dien

Q2 Residence

With natural lights, coolness and modernity, Q2 Thao Dien Apartment become the image of a relaxed but classy lifestyle like the lifestyle of people in Thao Dien.

  • Villas: Each villa features a bright tone with highest quality timber and stone following neoclassical tendency. An open terrace and floor-to-ceiling transparent glass doors helps to optimize natural light while high ceilings create a sense of openness. Thus, 6 villas at Q2 Thao Dien are ideal homes for those who are looking for the true value of life.
Q2 Thao Dien - A truly "green" and classy lifestyle

Villas in Q2 Thao Dien – true value of life

  • Townhouses: All townhouses are designed in a modern and smart Asian style to optimize the light and also create a spacious living space. Each five-storey townhouse shows functionality but still luxury enough.
Q2 Thao Dien - A truly "green" and classy lifestyle

Townhouses – functionality but still luxury enough

  • Typical Apartments: Apartments with 1, 2 and 3 bedrooms create cozy and convenient living space for single people or families. Thanks to optimal design, each apartment receives fully natural lights. Therefore, abundant light is feature of these elegant apartments.
Q2 Thao Dien - A truly "green" and classy lifestyle

Layout of 1-bedroom typical apartment

Q2 Thao Dien - A truly "green" and classy lifestyle

Layout of 2-bedroom typical apartment

  • Premium Apartments: The apartments have a wet and dry kitchen and use the finest marble flooring and quality accessories. Furthermore, there are private lifts that lead up to your premium units, ensuring exclusivity and privacy for the residents. From living room, dining room and balcony, residents of 4-bedroom Apartments can contemplate panoramic view of poetic Saigon River.
Q2 Thao Dien - A truly "green" and classy lifestyle

Layout of 4-bedroom premium apartment

  • Duplex: Live a life extraordinary at Q2 Thao Dien’s Duplex. Your luxurious Duplex allows for creative space planning that reflects the home of your dreams – be it a private gallery where the sun washes over stunning art pieces or a magical space where your family can live, laugh, and play together.
Q2 Thao Dien - A truly "green" and classy lifestyle

Layout of duplex

3. Facilities at Q2 Thao Dien

Owning Q2 Thao Dien Apartment, you not only have a comfortable and comfortable place to live, but also inherit a diverse and high-class utility system with more than 40 utilities for residents of all ages. In particular, the utility system here is clearly divided to help residents find what they need conveniently.

Q2 Thao Dien - A truly "green" and classy lifestyle

Diversified and superior facilities at Q2 Thao Dien

Q2 Thao Dien - A truly "green" and classy lifestyle

4. Developer

Frasers Property Limited:

  • Is a seasoned multinational real estate developer and one of leading real estate companies in Singapore with total assets of $27 billion as of September 30, 2017.
  • Has developed multiple portfolios of world-class residential, commercial and retail, and industrial properties in Singapore, Australia, Southeast Asia, China, Europe. Besides, it has developed accommodation hotels more than 80 cities across Asia, Europe, the Middle East and North Africa.
  • Recognized with many valuable awards for residential developments, calibre commercial real estate projects as well as high standards of management and transparency
Q2 Thao Dien - A truly "green" and classy lifestyle

Frasers Property Limited

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