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Top 7 industries still survive during Coronavirus Outbreak

Posted by Dennis Dennis on 25/05/2021
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Top 7 industries still survive during Coronavirus Outbreak

Which industries still survive during Coronavirus outbreak? Again, this is a topic cared by numerous people because of return and strong outbreak of the Covid epidemic in the latest epidemic in Vietnam. Specifically, people again worry about how this outbreak will affect their live and work. Actually, a variety of people have had to change their jobs because of the influences of previous epidemic waves. Therefore, this worry is not without reason. Understanding the anxiety in current situation, Visreal has helped you list top 7 industries that still survive during Coronavirus outbreak for you to consider. Let’s find out together!

7 industries still survive during Coronavirus outbreak

1. Medical and Pharma

Governments and companies are concentrating resources and money on improving healthcare infrastructure. With the most crucial role towards epidemic prevention, objectively, medical teams are not unemployed like other industries. Moreover, medical sector not only receives countless funding sources to treat people infected with Covid-19 but also carry out important researches in finding vaccines for the disease.

Besides, medical supplies and pharmaceuticals also own an intense vitality. Never before has the need to buy masks, hand sanitizers, disinfectants, and protective gear prioritized and put on top as today. Although manufacturing enterprises have to work overtime continuously, it is still difficult to supply enough for the market.

Medical and pharma play a crucial role towards epidemic prevention

2. Telecommunication

As a direct effect of the lockdown, there has been a considerable surge towards telecom usage. Indeed, people stay at home to prevent complication of epidemic. Thus, they access internet to update news every minute and every second. Furthermore, usage of capable TV and online services increases significantly because of closing towards cinemas. Communication need to know how their relatives’ situation is truly necessary and reaches a peak. As a result, telecom sector still has a strong foothold during the epidemic season when people still have to spend money on internet, cable TV and other services every month.

Telecom sector still has a strong foothold during the epidemic season

3. Electricity and water

Online communication channels and people’s high demand at home lead to a significant increase in electricity consumption. Electricity is an essential source of energy for human life. Therefore, they still pay despite of high price bills.

Likewise, water is also indispensable in daily life. Consequently, water supply and drainage companies are unlikely to be closed.

Electricity and water are indispensable in daily life

4. E-commerce

Social distancing is applied on around the world. That is truly a best opportunity to impulse people turn into online shopping. In the midst of a series of companies laying off employees, the giants in e-commerce industry still recruit people to add to their delivery team. Thus, it can say that E-commerce is one of industries still survive during Coronavirus outbreak. Since this sector can survive, related sectors such as consumer goods manufacturing, shipping or website administration will also benefit.

E-commerce survives, so related sectors will also benefit

5. The press

It has been a fact that strained situation of Covid-19 outbreak causes those who are usually extremely lazy to read news have to read online news every day. Compulsively, they have to update latest news to protect not only themselves but also their family as well as community. With these pressing and necessary needs, there is ocean of Covid-19 news published every day. Thus, those who work in press industry always have something to exploit, as a result, they do not fall into unemployment.

Furthermore, although businesses are tightening their belts and cutting off fees for advertising, they still spend some money on it. If not, it will be difficult to sell their goods. Therefore, the main revenue of the press which comes from advertising will be decreased, but still survive.

People update news of Covid-19 every day

6. Insurance

Impact to insurance industry in this crisis is less than other industries. One of the main reasons can be that insurance is not a cyclical industry like other financial services. It is fairly immune from up and down cycles in the economy. Moreover, users of insurance just occupy a small section of the population, which helps to minimize impacts towards this sector.

Insurance industry is impacted less than other industries

7. Video streaming

A remarkable increase of viewers towards streaming videos is somewhat thanks to people staying at home all the time. During social distancing or at-home period, people love and choose this entertainment type as an easy option. Some services are trying to further ramp up the competition by offering discounts on subscriptions to lure customers away from established services. Besides, although there are no new contents outside, creators still create interesting contents at home. Users can be easy to sympathize or pleased to revisit old videos.

Number of people watching streaming videos increase strongly in pandemic season

In brief, Covid-19 epidemic is being more and more complicated. In fact, new variants of Coronavirus are more infectious, stronger and have the ability to make the disease worse. It is actually hard to assert or even guess when we can control this epidemic totally. Hence, enterprises and individuals should consider choosing proper industries to develop in the future. Visreal hopes that this general post towards top 7 industries that still survive during Coronavirus outbreak will be helpful for you. Let’s try, self-aware and overcome this difficult period together!

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