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Apartment Photography and Video Recording Service

Posted by Dennis Dennis on 08/07/2021
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Apartment Photography and Video Recording Service

Photo is one of decisive factors for the success of marketing. Beautiful and quality photos will enhance the value of apartments and build impression for the viewer at first sight. Particularly, they create a strong communication effect and then reach more potential customers. Therefore, using Apartment Photography and Video Recording Service is a good premise to convince customers to rent or buy a house more easily and effectively.

Apartment Photography and Video Recording Service

Steps to own awesome apartment photos

It is not simple to own a beautiful album when doing Apartment Photography and Video Recording. In order to achieve it, the photographer needs to have a deep understanding about the photography techniques, and above all, an aesthetic eye. Indeed, it’s not enough to just raise the camera to take a good photo.

Steps to take the best apartment photos:

1. Choosing the right equipment

+ Camera: A quality camera with high resolution will produce sharp, noise-free and unshattered photos.

+ Lens: Utilize the right lens for each specific case to bring the best experiences towards the viewer.

  • Wide angle lens (12mm-20mm): Use when shooting the whole apartment, shooting in the narrow space or when you want the viewer to feel the general space of the apartment. Notes of wide angle lens utilization: do not use lens which are too wide to avoid making a feeling of distortion, the apartment is much wider than reality; pay attention not to blend straight lines such as doors, chairs, tables, walls, ceilings, etc.
  • Narrow angle lens (50mm-75mm): Use when planning to emphasize a unique feature of the apartment, making a highlight towards overall.

+ Tripod: Is utilized to reduce vibration when shooting, increase the exposure duration of photos (in case the light condition of the apartment is not enough). Consequently, it helps photos having correct exposure and details are sharpened.

Choosing the right equipment to have best photos

2. Utilizing ambient light

When carrying Apartment Photography and Video Recording, turning on lights, opening all doors are the first things to do. Utilize all available lights, especially ambient light. Spare with taking photos of the apartment when there is no sunlight, only electric light.

3. Choosing the right angle of view

  • Square angle: Give the viewer a realistic sense of vertical space. The viewer likens stepping into the apartment.
  • Oblique angle: Give a sense of depth.
  • Place the camera 120-150cm above the ground.

Choosing the right angle of view

4. Making neatness

Clean the apartment before doing Apartment Photography and Video Recording. If possible, re-decorate the apartment (dining set, bedroom, living room,…) to create an impression and attract the viewer. Do not let personal objects into the frame, which can ruin the design color tone of the apartment.

5. Focusing on exteriors

For outdoor real estate with private garden and swimming pool (villas, townhouses,…), we also focus on exterior photography in addition to interior photography. Avoid shooting at midday (when the sun is at its zenith). Actually, the most ideal time for shooting is in the morning when the sun is not too high or about 2pm before it goes down.

6. Recording videos

Towards real estate having the large area and sophisticated structure, video recording will be an absolutely perfect choice for customers. In terms of effectiveness, videos will bring a visual and realistic look for the viewer, depict the entire architecture space of the apartment to reach a level of deep perception for customers. Photos are sometimes difficult to show the whole apartment architecture fully and comprehensively, however, videos can undertake it.

Visreal’s Apartment Photography and Video Recording

In order to get the best apartment photos with the strongest appeal to the viewer, we need to consult and choose a quality service. A professional supplier like Visreal will carry customers’ Apartment Photography and Video Recording smoothly and effectively. We possess enough important and necessary elements to bring visual, realistic and high quality photos as below:

  • A professional and creative photographer team knows how to exploit the highlights in architectural and interior styles to create unique and trend-leading photos.
  • An advanced and modern equipment creates the best quality photos
  • An effective and conscientious working process is to understand customers’ desire and carry the process suitably and accurately.
  • A good price matches with customers’ requirements and budget.

Visreal has enough material, human and capacity to bring satisfaction to customers

In brief, remember that Apartment Photography and Video Recording is not only used as a document but also a great promotional image to customers. Thus, don’t be afraid to invest in them with the most realistic and vivid photos. As a result, they will help you build a brand, impress to customers and then increase the competitive advantage.

Therefore, in order to get a free consultation or book the schedule of Apartment Photography and Video Recording, please contact us via:

* WhatsApp, Zalo, Viber: (+84) 903004226 (Ms. Helen)

* Email:


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