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Apartment Management Service – Essential or not?

Posted by Dennis Dennis on 01/01/2024
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Currently, there are many real estate owners using Apartment Management Service to save time and maximize income from rental activities. However, do you know what is this service? When do owners need this service? What are benefits of using property management service? Visreal will help to find out and answer these questions!

What is Apartment Management Service?

Apartment Management Service belongs to property management industry in general, including rental apartment management, rental villa management, accommodation management and office buildings. Actually, owners of these above real estate assets will not manage them directly, but sign a usage contract with a third party following specific terms and agreements.

Apartment Management Service at Visreal

Apartment Management Service in Ho Chi Minh City

Why do owners choose Property Management?

Whether to use Property Management Service or not is a difficult decision towards owners of real estate, because it takes some costs. In some cases, however, owners should use this management service to achieve the highest profits. The cost isn’t so much a negative, but rather an investment for apartments and a sustainable development. Therefore, when should owners use this service?

When facing the following problems, that is the time owners should use Apartment Management Service:

  • Owners are very busy and do not have much time to follow
  • Spending much time on marketing and showing apartments for tenants
  • Owners do not have a deep understanding towards the contract, legal procedures and resolves arising situations.
  • Numerous apartments for rent, difficult to control information and problems of tenants
  • Difficult to control costs incurred during the rental process
Apartment Management Service with contract support

A good management service can support the contract procedures

What are benefits of using Apartment Management Service?

Property Management Service has qualified and professional enough to manage and operate apartments effectively. Surely, they will bring both owners and tenants with satisfaction.

Here are benefits that Apartment Management Service will bring to owners:

  • Increasing profitability and continuously raising the value of apartments
  • Reducing vacancies, increasing annual profit
  • Easily tracking sales and apartment situation remotely
  • Improving service quality of apartments
  • Extending the life of apartments through maintenance and upgrades
  • Ensuring apartment security and order
Benefits of property management service

Property management service help to increse your income effortlessly

Apartment Management Service at Visreal

Property Management Service, especially Apartment Management at Visreal is a difference compared to others. With mottoes of sincerity and conscientiousness, Visreal wishes to bring satisfaction to both owners and customers. Indeed, we have much experience in management and operation of rental apartments, and particularly a certain reputation for customers in this field. By building a reasonable apartment price list, we will bring long-term value to owners.

Property management service in ho chi minh

Property Management Service at Visreal will bring long-term value to owners

Articles that Apartment Management Service at Visreal serves owners are:

  • Real estate marketing
  1. Finding out current market
  2. Posting news, receiving tenants and signing contracts
  • Real estate operations and management:
  1. Managing apartments
  2. Handling relevant problems towards apartments
  • Tenant management:
  1. Managing tenants’ information
  2. Registering and declaring tax
  • Utility payment:
  1. Support with paying utility fees
  2. Avoid cutting utilities and then affect to the apartment and tenant
  • Owner linking:
  1. Compiling contracts to benefit owners
  2. Collecting rental and notifying owners of monthly/annual collection and expenses
Apartment management service at Visreal

Professional procedures will be served by Visreal Team

After all, core purposes of Apartment Management Service is to effectively exploit the profitability of rental properties on an annual basis and increase long-term value of real estate when owners have a need to transfer. In order to ensure this core value, a professional service needs to be designed and operated to optimize investment costs compared to returns. Understanding it, therefore, Visreal builds professional procedures of apartment management and operations to maximize profitability for owners.

With these professional procedures, Visreal has an eagerness to cooperate and create big value for owners. Thus, if you – insightful real estate owners, need more information and free consultants, kindly contact us by:


WhatsApp, Zalo, Viber: (+84) 903004226 (Ms. Helen)



Office: 1F- N.G.E Building, No. 292 Ung Van Khiem Street, Binh Thanh.Dist, Ho Chi Minh City.

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