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Explore 5 popular types of accommodation in Ho Chi Minh Vietnam 2024

Posted by Da Thao on 01/01/2024
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Vietnam is widely known as one of the least expensive tourist destinations in Asia, hece there are a variety of options to seek an affordable yet fascinating accommodation. Finding a suitable accommodation that can serve different purposes as well as budget is one of the most important factors affecting the success of the trip. So what is an accommodation service? And how many popular types of accommodation are there in Ho Chi Minh Vietnam, what are their pros and cons as well? Let’s figure out the answer by the following article.

What is an accommodation service? 

Accommodation service is a business type that provides short-term and long-term accommodation facilities. This service is offered for people who often go on business or travel, need short-term accommodation as well as people with long-term living needs such as students, workers. In addition, business establishments also provide other facilities such as dining, entertainment.

Fascinating accommodation

Luxury and classy living space

5 Popular types of accommodation in Ho Chi Minh Vietnam 

Seeking accommodation is a priority for expats moving to Vietnam. There are a diversity of choices, from short-term accommodation to luxury long-term apartment complexes. Here are top 5 accommodation types in Vietnam.

1. Hotel

Hotel is a tourist accommodation facility, with the regulation of 10 rooms or more with full facilities to meet the resort needs of tourists. The types of rooms can be classified according to different characteristics: Executive, Twin, Triple, etc. Hotels are usually built in the city center and key tourist areas.


Luxury hotel

     Luxury hotel with high-class services

  • Pros: This is a convenient and popular form of accommodation around the world. If you are not too concerned about cost, you can also pay more to enjoy high-class services, comfort and convenience.
  • Cons: Prices are often more expensive than motels and don’t offer the full cultural experience of other types of accommodation.

2. Homestay

Homestay is ranked the second in top 5 popular types of accommodation in Ho Chi Minh. This concept has become a fever in recent years because of its convenience and the harmony of nature as well. Instead of sleeping at motels or hotels, visitors will stay at homestays. You can eat, drink, live with the people, become a member of their family. This type of accommodation helps you have a close look at local life and culture. 

Beautiful homestay

          Enjoy natural beauty at homestay

  • Pros: This is the best type of accommodation for culture immersion and exchange. It brings the cozy feeling of family when abroad. The cost is usually more economical and this is also a great chance to learn about the local life. 
  • Cons: Tenants have to follow the landlord’s rules sometimes. Behaviors such as going through the night, drinking or smoking, or staying up late are generally not allowed. This place is not really suitable for a party person. 

3. Private house 

These are short-term rental apartments and equipped with basic furniture such as kitchenware, appliances, beds, towels, and so on. Tenants can rent individually to share with roommates. Alternatively, you can rent long-term if you negotiate directly with the landlord after completing the short-term period.

Fancy private house

     A feeling of comfort and privacy in private house

  • Pros: creates a feeling of comfort, privacy and closeness. It is suitable for group travel. Especially, it will be cheaper to rent long-term than a hotel or a private room in a guesthouse.
  • Cons: It is expensive for short trips. You need to pay special attention to security issues. Tenants often have to do the cleaning themselves after the tenancy expires. 

4. Serviced apartment

These are located in an apartment building or a serviced apartment building, fully equipped with appliances, furniture and kitchen. Moreover, serviced apartments also provide additional services such as cleaning, changing bed sheets, cable TV, internet, laundry, washing dishes, etc. The accompanying services are the difference between serviced apartments and apartments.

Serviced apartment is popular type of accommodation in ho chi minh for tourists

Experience multiple benefits with serviced apartment

  • Pros: This service possesses multiple benefits, helps to save time and effort and allows more time to rest and relax at the end of a long hard working day. 
  • Cons: Serviced apartments have relatively high prices compared to motel rooms. The apartment area is quite modest, only suitable for 1 to 4 people. In addition, you will have to spend a considerable amount of money for additional services.

 5. Apartment 

Apartment complexes are becoming more and more common accommodation in Ho Chi Minh. These apartments are modern and in line with what expats would expect in most Western countries. They often include facilities such as gyms, swimming pools and laundry areas. Rental apartments also have security guards who are on duty 24 hours a day.  

The apartments are designed according to many flexible models such as studio, 1 bedroom, 2 bedrooms, duplex, penthouse, dual-key, etc.

rental apartment is popular type of accommodation in Ho Chi Minh

       Apartment with modern design and high-end facilities

  • Pros: There is a guarantee of security from the security system and the building management. Moreover, the price of an apartment is cheaper than a house in the same area. Besides, you will enjoy many preferential policies from the investor when owning an apartment.
  • Cons: You cannot build or repair the apartment at will. Sometimes, you have difficulty in fixing water and electricity problems because the system is linked to the whole building.


Above, Visreal has introduced you some popular types of accommodation in Ho Chi Minh Vietnam so that you can choose for your upcoming trip. And if you intend to stay in Vietnam for a long time, renting apartments will be a considerable option due to its convenience and reasonable price. 

Are you looking for an apartment for rent in Ho Chi Minh city, Visreal will be a reliable companion to help you find the most suitable one. Many expats when coming to Vietnam chose apartments and Visreal to have their satisfactory living space. Kindly contact us with Ms. Helen (+84) 903004226 (Whatsapp, Viber,..) now.

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