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Efforts of Vietnam towards coping with Covid-19

Posted by Dennis Dennis on 04/05/2021
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Efforts of Vietnam towards coping with Covid-19

Covid-19 is being the biggest concern for people all over the world. Indeed, there are many countries which have been severe outbreak but they controlled well. However, there are many countries which are so subjective because they think that they already controlled epidemic totally and comfortably play at festivals. It causes re-appearance of epidemic which quickly spreads out as currently tense situation of India. Therefore, we are living in Vietnam, we should know deeply about how is current epidemic situation in Vietnam?

Covid-19 Outbreak

Overview of Covid-19 in Vietnam

The following timelines give a general look about Covid-19 in Vietnam:

  • From January 23 to March 19, 2020: The first two confirmed cases of infection are admitted to Cho Ray Hospital, Ho Chi Minh City. Specifically, there is a Chinese man moving from Wuhan to Hanoi to visit his son who is believed to be infected the disease from his father when they met in Nha Trang. In this period, viruses spread globally and cases from other countries but still “easy” traceability and quarantine.
  • From March 20 to July 24: Cases begin to appear in the community in late March. Thus, Government launches social distancing many levels across the country. Luckily, control measures give Vietnam 99 days of infection free in the community until July 25.
  • From July 25, 2020 to January 27, 2021: Outbreaking of infectious cases in Da Nang, re-launching social distancing in localities having outbreak. Again, epidemic is controlled. However, localities still remain control measures.
  • From January 28 to present: Epidemic situation basically can control but there are still some new cases in previous week. Again, outbreak in the world breaks out formidably. Particular, neighboring countries increase quantity of infected cases gradually and strongly. Therefore, Government step up control measures and remind people not to be subjective.

Success in epidemic prevention for previous times


Thanks to quick and timely directions of Government, Vietnam can control epidemic effectively. Decisive directions such as conducting social distancing; doing health declaration towards visitors entering Vietnam; doing online declaration towards passengers moving by train, plane, coach domestically; avoiding crowds; closing stores when necessary; controlling transportation among provinces closely; measuring temperature, using hand sanitizer, wearing masks and keeping 2-meter distance in public places. Besides, there is no denying the fact that effort of people and ethnic solidarity is absolutely fierce. Actually, people seriously comply with directions and control measures, staying in residence place and restricting to come back hometown on big holidays. People also have a good sense of awareness to protect themselves and community.

Conducting social distancing

Some comments of foreign organizations:

  •  According to a survey of Forbes in March 2020, Vietnam is the country with the highest satisfaction in the world about Government’s response to epidemic with 89% (following by Argentina (61%), Austria (58%), and Singapore (57%), China (56%), South Africa (56%)).
  • The World Economic Forum (WEF) recognizes that “Vietnam is a one-party state and has well-organized security-military force that has helped to make quick decisions. Vietnam where people who will inform their neighbors if there is any suspect towards misconduct has a strong supervision culture. This is not a viable approach in more open societies”.
  •  A number of newspaper offices analyze the “success” of Vietnam in dealing with Covid-19: Due to inability of conducting extensive testing as Korean anti-epidemic style, Vietnam strictly conducts 14-day quarantine and traces people contacting with virus. Instead of depending on medicine and technology, apparatus of Government adopts a system of wide and public supervision system and a well-respected public military force.

Quarantine in Vietnam

Triumphant belief

With achieved results and correct directions of Government, we can possibly believe that Vietnam is able to check this epidemic. However, we do not allow ourselves to be subjective. No matter you are Vietnamese or foreigners living in Vietnam, we jointly do prevention methods. That is the most important condition to win this mortal battle. Moreover, Covid-19 epidemic cannot be terminated completely if each individual or country operates individually. Therefore, we – everyone living in Vietnam and around the world, afford and defeat epidemic together.

We will defeat Covid-19 together

All in all, Vietnam currently is a peaceful country and has effective polices of epidemic preventions and handling. All are thanks to uninterrupted efforts of Government as well as people. This road can be difficult, also long and tired, but with solidarity and unanimity of collective, we finally will receive “sweet fruits”. Let’s try together!

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