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Foreigners’ reality sharing when living in Vietnam

Posted by Dennis Dennis on 14/04/2021
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Foreigners’ reality sharing when living in Vietnam

There are worries and concerns which foreigners need to face when coming to a new country. Particularly, if foreigners want to work or live for a long time, there is even a bigger worry. However, living in a Vietnam is not too difficult, this is a peaceful and easy-to-live country. Let’s listen some foreigners’ reality sharing when they work and live in Vietnam!

Mon Ovathasarn – an easy and comfortable life

“Living in Vietnam is easy and comfortable, it is not difficult and stuffy as in the US”, Mon Ovathasarn shared. That is the reason why he decides to quit cooking at a restaurant in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (USA), come to Vietnam and work as an English and Thai food teacher. Mon told that after a trip in Vietnam, he realized that Vietnamese people had a great need to learn foreign languages and his American friends was well paid. Therefore, he decided to work in Vietnam.

English teacher (photo for illustration)

“Instead of working 9 hours a day at a small kitchen in Pennsylvania, coming to Vietnam, I become a teacher and only work in shifts, about 4 hours a day, and teach cooking 3 times a week,” Mon said. Currently, Mon’s income ranges from 600 to 700 USD per month (equivalent to over 12-14 million VND).

With this income, he has an awesome life. “In Vietnam, the salaries of teachers are very high, the services are relatively cheap,” he said. With an average meal in the US, its cost is equivalent to 200,000 VND. However, a meal in Vietnam is only 40,000 – 50,000 VND”. Besides, he revealed he had a Vietnamese girlfriend and would stick this country for a long time.

Cam Grindall – Everything is under my own control

Cam Grindall from Canada has been working in Ho Chi Minh City for 3 years. Currently, he is working for a private company in the city center. With this man, food or fuel such as gas for cooking is very affordable. Hence, he only spends about 200,000 VND for food and drink every day.

“As you said, Ho Chi Minh City is considered the most expensive city in the country because it may be the general assessment data. However, if you live and experience directly here, you can see that it is not quite so if you know how to spend reasonably. Actually, I have experienced 3 years, I feel all costs are just reasonable, under my own control”, he shared.

Reasonable spending (photo for illustration)

Ben Mawdsley – Going to Vietnam is my destiny

Following is what Ben Mawdsley said towards his destiny:

I really had had predestination with this place since more than 3 years ago. Indeed, I had a job in Japan. Thus, when coming to Ho Chi Minh City, I planned to stay for 6 weeks to teach English and take the TEFL certificate before returning to Japan to work.

Nevertheless, I recognized Saigon was where I wanted to stay, work and stick for a long time after living for a while there.

Drinking beer on the sidewalk (photo for illustration)

I used to be afraid of “luxury” places but liked the living space in small alleys, street foods, and liked to drink beer on the sidewalk, liked to roam around small alleyways, small streets of Saigon and places of people’s daily activities. Generally, I loved living in the countryside and open, friendly locals.

I was running my own business and teaching for several families privately. The rest of the time, I devoted to voluntary activities – one free English class every Sunday, one class of first-aid knowledge and skills to the victim every month. It could be said that coming to Vietnam was my destiny. I loved Vietnam and tended to settle down for a long time there.

Conclusion: Living in Vietnam, especially in Ho Chi Minh City is not so expensive and complicated as many people think. If you know how to regulate your expenses judiciously and love simple culture of this country, you can fall in line with community quickly and start loving it.

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