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Category Archives: Food

Not beef but these steaks are also worth a try and here are the addresses in Saigon for you

Not beef but these steaks are also worth a t...

Sep 12, 2019
According to the general description that many people understand steak, this dish is defined as “a sound of f [more]
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Saigon has brands of "high quality Vietnamese goods" cafes that have a young and quality concept

Saigon has brands of “high quality Vie...

Sep 12, 2019
In modern times, with a wide range of different coffee brands, including foreign brands, introduced to the Vietname [more]
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Emoji - a restaurant of handmade pizza, wood-fired oven in Saigon

Emoji – a restaurant of handmade pizza...

Aug 08, 2019
Emoji Pizza designed in classical style, the cake is made by hand, baked in wood oven with unique taste: durian, sp [more]
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Hongkong newspaper praised 5 bars on the top...

Jul 10, 2019
In recent years, Vietnam has been growing and affirming certain positions in Asia, in which Ho Chi Minh City (Saigo [more]
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There is a Vietnamese culinary aspect embraced by pure lotus flowers.

There is a Vietnamese culinary aspect embrac...

Jul 10, 2019
Lotus in Vietnamese culture is a rustic, rustic country, although living in mud still rising straight and bright. T [more]
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Catch up with the nostalgic trend with top Saigon style restaurants.

Catch up with the nostalgic trend with top S...

Apr 04, 2019
Old Saigon style has always been a trend that is never outdated, extremely “artistic” with aesthetic va [more]
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It is so hot these day, you have to know thi...

Apr 03, 2019
Walking around Saigon, there are many dishes made from popular and familiar herbs, such as arhat, sage, licorice &# [more]
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3 Night Street Food Market In Saigon Make Yo...

Mar 29, 2019
When you hear market, people will immediately think about shopping. But this new trend in Saigon will make you feel [more]
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4 windy riverside restaurants suitable for people in Saigon "hiding" sultry sunshine, enjoying a peaceful weekend.

4 windy riverside restaurants suitable for p...

Mar 29, 2019
The Deck, Village Romaine or Boat House are names that are no longer strange to those who love luxurious, sophistic [more]
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Saigon Bread

Saigon Bread, The World’s No. 1 Street...

Mar 22, 2019
Saigon Bread, The World’s No. 1 Street Food Bread is the main dish of the West, symbolically even identified [more]
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Top List Of Restaurant Make You Feel Like At...

Mar 11, 2019
List of 10 Restaurant that are most popular with international visitors in Ho Chi Minh City has luxury restaurants: [more]
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Steak World: Destination not to be missed

Mar 09, 2019
  Sitting in a cozy space, listening to sweet melodies and enjoying beefsteak is a wonderful experience when d [more]
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Pretty Breakfast: The brand new dining trend is storming Instagram of Saigon youth

Pretty Breakfast: The brand new dining trend...

Mar 07, 2019
If you want to eat breakfast, but don’t know where to go, try referring to the 3 shops below. Every restauran [more]
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Top 10 most Che (Sweet Soup) in Vietnam

Top 10 most Che (Sweet Soup) in Vietnam

Sep 11, 2017
Che Troi Nuoc Che Troi Nuoc is cooked on the Han Chinese New Year, the full moon meal vegetarian food at the temple [more]
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5 Amazing Coffee Shops in Ho Chi Minh City

Aug 14, 2017
The Vietnamese have a love of coffee that is bordering on obsession – and for good reason. Preparation and delivery [more]
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Aug 04, 2017
At noon, time is a valuable commodity, but your stomach doesn’t care about that and yearns to be filled. What to do [more]
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Pho Viet – Flavorful Forgetfulness

Jul 31, 2017
Pho is a traditional Vietnamese dish, also considered one of the typical dishes of Vietnamese cuisine.Pho is a very [more]
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Traditional Vietnamese cakes are a must try

Jul 27, 2017
Over time, Vietnamese traditional cakes are becoming more diversified, both in form and taste, with increasing valu [more]
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Cuc Gach Quan – Tray of Vietnamese fam...

Jul 24, 2017
If you are curious where one of the most famous families in Hollywood has to go, it is Cuc Gach Quan, which is also [more]
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Welcome to Hue City – The capital of t...

Jul 21, 2017
Hue City – The capital of the Nguyen emperors still resonates with the glories of imperial Vietnam, even thou [more]
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The best traditional Vietnamese dishes, from...

Jul 18, 2017
“An com chua?” If you’re going to understand Vietnam and the Vietnamese, this three-word phrase is key. A friendly [more]
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21 Must-try Vietnamese – dishes

Jul 15, 2017
While Vietnamese cuisine abroad still flies under the banners of phở and bánh mì, the full spectrum of Vietnamese f [more]
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Mon Hue Restaurant – Dishes Of The Roy...

Jul 12, 2017
Mon Hue Resident brand of fast-casual, sit-down restaurants offers healthy and authentic royal Vietnamese cuisine, [more]
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Banh Xeo An La Ghien Restaurants – Hea...

Jul 07, 2017
Banh Xeo An La Ghien Restaurant was established in 2007, is certified as one of the 10 culinary points typical of S [more]
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