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Moon cake (Banh Trung Thu) – a gift to the soul of Vietnamese culture

Posted by Vy Tran on 27/09/2017
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Mid-Autumn Festival is also known as Tet Doan Vien, is the third largest traditional Festival in Vietnam, he occasion for people to reunite, relate to relatives, express and show interest in each other. Whenever we go far away, on the full moon in August, everyone will return to their home again and not forget to buy boxes of moon cake as gifts. Moon cake has become a gift no stranger but meaning moon cake is not sure among us all know.

Although not originated from Vietnam but thousands of years, every Mid-Autumn Festival, the Vietnamese people together held the third largest holiday this year.

Moon cake (Banh Trung Thu) - a gift to the soul of Vietnamese culture

Legend has it that at the end of China’s time there were two leaders of the peasant uprising movement, Chu Yuanzhong and Liu Ba Wen. These two people organized the people up against the brutal ruling gang. In order to be able to communicate information and orders secretly, people have made round cookies, in which all the cookies are filled with a piece of paper that estimates the time of the uprising, at the brightest moon in the night. lunar August lunar month. Then these cookies were passed on to each other and became a means of communication both safe and effective, also from the cake that the news of rebellion insurrection has been transmitted everywhere. Later, Chinese people took moon cake on the full moon day of August to commemorate the event.

The holiday gift may be tea, wine, fruit, but most popular and meaningful is still the moon cake, also known as “Banh Nguyet”, “Nguyet Đoan”. Like the name “Nguyet Đoan”, Mid-Autumn Festival, people donate each other with the meaning of wishfulness fullness. Moon cake is a dish, gift or bigger is the spiritual value indispensable for the holiday of the Mid-Autumn Festival. Therefore, the Mid-Autumn Festival is also considered to be the season of pies, cakes.

The cake is made of white glutinous rice stuffed with sweet sugar, with fragrant grapefruit fragrant, molded in circular wooden mold. The cake is a lotus seed or green peas to create a nice aroma for the kernel. Multiply Pancake plastic vegetarian, bring aroma wind in the bar. Later on to add more attractive, people just add salt to the plastic cake.

Moon cake (Banh Trung Thu) - a gift to the soul of Vietnamese culture

The cake consists of two parts: the jacket and the jacket. The cake is made of wheat flour, low in taste, baked in gold wrapped in very sweet mass and slightly oily inside. In addition to pumpkin jam, melon seeds, pies also have rotten pork, roasted chicken, sausage … called the multiply. Later, the cake also developed more vegetarian types made of smooth green beans, coconut fiber, lotus seeds … Particularly with the breadcrumbs often are salted eggs representing the full moon and the fullness of fullness. The salty taste of salted egg is affected by the sweetness of other ingredients. This leads us to a thought: In life, despite the tastes of experiencing how much bitter bitter misery there are still close ones, cover us and give us the sweetness of life, of love. Just like the moon cake, in the salty sweet, create the flavor of life.

Moon cake (Banh Trung Thu) - a gift to the soul of Vietnamese culture

Moon cake is really a beautiful essence so the meaning of moon cake has surpassed the culinary value to be the value of art, human values and cultural essence of Vietnamese people.



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