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Top 10 most Che (Sweet Soup) in Vietnam

Posted by Vy Tran on 11/09/2017
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  1. Che Troi Nuoc

Che Troi Nuoc is cooked on the Han Chinese New Year, the full moon meal vegetarian food at the temple. Che Troi Nuoc is transformed into delicious and delicious materials, which are very beautiful in color, such as tea leaves, pineapple leaves and purple sweet potato tea … But the most popular and favorite foods are tea drift Traditional, not sophisticated, many steps. Che Troi Nuoc in bread crumbs and rolls, boiled water and put in, drifted tea usually eaten in sugar with ginger, eat just fragrant, just right. Nowadays, Che Troi Nuoc is everywhere in the streets, becoming a popular snack. In Hanoi, there are some famous tea shops in Hang Giay street, Can street, Hang Dieu street …

Top 10 most Che (Sweet Soup) in Vietnam     2. Che Đau Van

How to make Che Đau Van is very easy, just boiled bean, peeled with stirrer and sugar. In Hue, Che Đau Van is very famous, in the old days are often used for the king, but this tea is made more sophisticated, cooked with coconut milk pineapple flavor of pineapple, soft sweet pea.

3. Che Đau Trang

According to ancient Vietnamese custom, Che Đau Trang is an indispensable food for months or months of baby resting. Enjoy a bowl of Che Đau Trang fatty coconut milk flavor to feel the essence of Vietnamese cuisine. The days of preparing for business start-ups, people often make this tea to worship. But we have to pick beans carefully, do not pour the sugar when the beans are hard, will make the bean. A cup of Che Đau Trang, hot white beans, fragrant coconut milk, fragrant fat fat, sesame roasted, it is great.

4. Che Ba Ba

Listen to the name has bold flavor of the South, sunny land, wind and water. The reason is called Che Ba Ba because this dish is delicious, unique as the beautiful girl in the West wearing her simple three-piece shirt that still attractive, full of strange charm. Che Ba Ba is a combination of a variety of foods such as large sweet potato, mushrooms, taro, dried seaweed combined with a variety of ingredients to create an attractive Che Ba Ba. This tea provides a lot of energy, sometimes you only need to eat a small bowl is enough energy for half a session then.

5. Che Hat Ke

Millet seeds can provide all the vitamins needed for human beings, most are vitamins B1, B2, A, E, protein, it’s just as good as fish meat. Minerals such as lime, phosphorus, manganese, iron, copper, etc. are more abundant than other foods. It also contains lecithin and free choline, which is a great way to nourish the brain for those who work hard, mentally and intellectually; Maintaining brain cells, enhancing memory and reducing the aging process in the skin, is good for middle-aged women. Che Hat Ke is delicious, nutritious not only southerly people but also many people know, has eaten as “grinding”.

6. Che Hat Sen ( Lotus seeds)

Lotus seeds are sweet, calculated average, effective for curing some diseases such as diarrhea, poor eating, insomnia, slow digestion, thirst due to fever … Lotus seeds are rich in protein, magnesium, potassium and phosphorus, while the saturated fat, sodium and cholesterol levels are very low, so it is suitable for dieters. Since ancient times lotus seeds were used to process the royal dishes, Che Hat Sen was one of the dishes of that time. Che Hat Sen is the simplest, not too elaborate. How to process is quite simple, just boiled lotus seeds are soft, sugar melted then lotus seeds to cook together. Che Hat Sen is not only cool but also very nutritious, loved by many people.

7. Che Chuoi ( Banana)

Banana plant is widely grown in rural Vietnam, this familiar fruit treats anemia, supports the digestive system, supports cardiovascular, nutritious, beauty … With many uses such as Che Chuoi is a great choice for you and your family. Che Chuoi is soft, fatty aroma of coconut milk to anyone who is enjoying the passion immediately.

8. Che Đau Xanh Pho Tai

“Pho Tai” known under the common name is seaweed. Seaweed contains a wide range of micronutrients such as vitamins C, E, A1, K, B1, B2, B6 along with many folic acid, niacin acid and also pantothenic acid. phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, iron. In seaweed contains so many nutrients are very good for health, in addition to the antioxidant, slow down the aging process in the skin. Seaweed combines with cool green beans, body heat bar, hot body heat.

9. Che Kho

Che Kho is a special food of the Hanoians, every Tet to spring, on the ancestors of the traditional Ha traditional people must have this dish. On the first day together to chat, sip a cup of tea, eat a piece of Che Kho is absolutely free. Che Kho has a soul, the essence of Vietnamese countryside cuisine. Taste delicious, sweet sweet of Che Kho warehouse makes everyone enjoy when enjoying. The special thing about Che Kho is that there is no water, green peas cooked in the same sugar and pressed into the mold and sprinkle sesame roasted on top. Che Kho can be used up to a few days, but not quickly rancid.

10. Che Bot Loc Thit Heo Quay

This unique tea originated from the ancient capital of Hue, Hue people use pork rolls to make bread powder filter. The combination of persistent filter and salted fatty salted pork makes a tea with a very special flavor. Che Bot Loc Thit Heo Quay may be sweet enough or sweet to suit the taste of the family, but it should not be so sweet that the taste of salted meat is not too sweet. Sugar tea aromatic smell of ginger, when eating Che Bot Loc Thit Heo Quay still has fatty persistence of meat and flour in the mouth, making people think of “Perfume River Mountain”.

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