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Top 10 apartments worth living in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Posted by admin on 20/09/2019
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Are you moving a work environment from your country to Ho Chi Minh City? And you are looking for a apartment to experience new great life. However, the variety of options also makes searching perfectly, you can easily find the best apartment for you and your family. According to the experience of renting apartments for foreigners living in Ho Chi Minh City, for choosing suitable apartments, to optimization choosen, you need to know that how long will you stay at there (in short term or long term) and figure out the area you work. But whatever your choice is, the best option is sign the leasing contract with the best apartment in the city.

We have sorted out a top of the best apartments in Ho Chi Minh City list that you need to check. These are also the most selected apartments when foreigners coming to HCMC:

1. Vinhomes Golden River

Located in District 1, Vinhomes Golden River is the best option that you can choose from to stay in HCMC, because it has all the facilities such as: Tennis court, swimming pool, gym, restaurant, coffee shop, 24/7 convenient stores , … The rental packages including those services

2. Vinhomes Central Park

A senior complex area for customers who like amenities, VHCP is a miniature city in HCMC, although it located in Binh Thanh district but it is a central point, it takes only 5 minutes to District 1, 5 minutes to District 2, 10 minutes to District 4, 15 minutes to District 7. The most special thing of VHCP building is Landmark 81- where including Shopping Mall, restaurant, supermarket, … Surrounding buildings are some facilities are : tennis, golf, huge parks, aquariums, play areas for children, house goods, restaurants, spa, they are created an extremely good living environment for families and singles, …

vinhomes central park

3. Masteri Thaodien

The high-light is special location with the country’s main transport of Metro line, where including Mall facilities, tennis courts, restaurants, coffee stores, .. On the other hand, the apartment rental fee is very suitable for young families 2-3 members and singles, …

4. Estella building

Sustainable quality, reputation service, a high-class place for families from 2 to 6 members, reasonable area 124sqm for 2 bedrooms, 148- 171sqm for 3 bedrooms. There are bedrooms for maids, closed spaces, swimming pools between buildings as a central point for relax time. There are also BBQ, tennis court, gym, swimming pool, yoga, .. Estella building is a place worth living for modern family.

5. Estella heights building

After the success of Estella, Estella heights continues to meet the expectations of customers- where including restaurants, supermarkets, shopping mall, complex of swimming pools, gym, tennis. It’s a natural beauty, interesting as living at the resort every day.

6. Gateway building

Restful, simply, open space for customers with city view and river view, modern beauty and modern style will surely bring customers a peaceful life.

7. Nassim building

This is a separate area consisting 4 blocks, where connected with each other are swimming pool, gym, utilities area.. The most interesting is that your apartment will be designed per floor separately, there is only one apartment per floor, there is an outside corridor with a balcony, and the delicacy kitchen- an interesting place for those who like to cook.

8. Dimond Island

The area with the most green spaces in the center, makes you feel peaceful and comfortable after hard day’s working. This is the place that you can live and enjoy true life. Family, friends can gather here as the most comfortable place without going outside.

9. Vista Verde

With a closed layout, blocks are connected to each other by overhead bridges, that makes you feel friendly environment. Moreover swimming pool and gym on the floor … extremely interesting for those who love swimming and working out. It only takes 10 minutes to District 1 and it takes 15 minutes to the central point like District 2, District 4…

10. Masteri An Phu

After the development of Masteri Thaodien, Masteri An Phu is like a new beauty, the space is connected by the center of the swimming pool, leisure center, shophouse center.

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