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Saigon Bread, The World’s No. 1 Street Food

Posted by admin on 22/03/2019
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Saigon Bread, The World’s No. 1 Street Food

Bread is the main dish of the West, symbolically even identified with the Eucharist of Christ: Bread is a small secret, wine is a great mystery. Perhaps, bread appeared in our country before the landmark of 1859, but is well known after the expeditionary army took over Gia Dinh.

History of bread appearances in Saigon

The origin of Saigon bread as well as all the bread in Vietnam is Baguette bread brought by the French in the early 19th century. The changes in form as well as quality to the processing style Endowed with bread in Saigon, it is said to be a demand for sophisticated cuisine of Saigon people. Before 1975, with the government program funded by the Republic of Vietnam, the Ministry of Education provided public and private primary schools with a snack with wheat noodles and fresh milk and milk produced by Fore Most milk company supply and bread supplied by the oven.

Facing that need, Saigon bread makers consider this a “marvelous” challenge. The traditional French-style brick kilns from the years of the 50s and 60s lack the ability to meet, and in the early 70s were gradually replaced by electric ovens, typically “Matador” or “Anwator” of Japan. Known in English as deck ovens, it is a multi-story oven / grill. After 1975, the private economy was destroyed (1975-1986), the demand for electricity was limited to a minimum, some electric ovens and brick kilns only operated as cooperatives and produced “illegal”. In the market, there was also a type of bread called “oven-baked bread / drums”, the people of Saigon who lived in the “subsidy” period knew “name” of drum-shaped bread (the oven was prepared). turn from 200l drums, the furnace has 2 main parts: the outer shell is used intact 1 drum barrel.

 The taste of Saigon bread

Saigon style meatloaf began to shape its own appearance and taste. Because the loaf of bread is just enough for one serving, it doesn’t need to be very big, but the crust must be crispy, the bread is thick enough to make the dough not to chew as it loses its appetite.

Southern people often like bread has a little vegetables. So the loaf of bread is added a few slices of cucumber, white radish, carrot cut with pickled vegetables, add a few onions, cilantro to have a scent, some chilli .

Eating loaf of bread has the crisp aroma of the crust, the sweetness of the flour, the fat of the butter, the flavor of the meat, the patties, the pâté as a plump color scheme but not bored by the fresh melons cool. And the important thing about Saigon meat loaf is delicious, cheap, convenient for all classes.

Some time later, many bakeries started appearing in the city. The bread does not stop at breakfast anymore, it is used both at lunch, afternoon, evening.

In addition to cold hamburgers, in Saigon you can also find variations of bread sandwiches with different types such as:

Pork Barbecue Bread: The bread is made from pork marinated with spices and grilled, served with pickles and fish sauce, this dish you can find all over the streets of Saigon on the Bread walking.

Meatball Bread: This dish is processed by Chinese people in Saigon with a bold feature with the mysterious tomato sauce and the attractive colors of the dumplings will surely satisfy all customers from old to young.

Fried Egg Bread: This bread is one of the favorite dishes of students and students, the aromatic and fatty taste of eggs blends with the sweet and sour taste of pickles and the crispness of bread makes many youth delirious, cheap and cheap and delicious.

Grilled Fish Bread: The crunchy hot fish balls that are stuffed into the crispy hot loaf are great.

Roasted Pork Bread: Crunchy roasted pork that will be eaten with crispy bread will create sounds that are very pleasant and extremely delicious.

Vietnamese bread – the world’s best street food

Travel site The Gardian described, in Vietnam long loaf is baked through on embers for crispy crust. They pecked out the cake, dabbed a little mayonnaise, pâté, then stuffed meat, pickled vegetables, raw vegetables, and could add soy sauce, spicy spices.

In terms of origin, Vietnamese bread is a food exchange product of many countries. For example, the toast is very similar to the French bread, while the ingredients include the amnesty, cold pork originating from China. Particularly herbs and spices are clearly typical of Southeast Asia. The average price of a loaf of bread is about VND 15,000.

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