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Escape from the stresses of life with the Oriental style tea shops in Saigon.

Posted by Vy Tran on 20/03/2019
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List of Asian-style tea shops for souls who love purity, or are looking for peace among the busy life.

Enjoying tea in a Oriental-style space is really an ethereal hobby, so once experienced. It’s not just a way to ignore “ugly” things in life, but it’s also a time to press the “pause” button and let us understand ourselves. But why is “Oriental”? Because it is the space of interference between many cultures, the succession of traditional beauty and the promotion of the essence of modern architecture. Furniture in this space is usually arranged neatly and simply, creating a small but clean living space. Along with that, oriental people live close to nature, so the decoration of fresh flowers and trees brings a feeling like natural breath is present, helping the spirit be more cheerful and excited.

Anyway, you can experience these in one of the oriental bold tea shops below:

Linh’s Tea Shop (170/5 Cao Dat street, District 5)

Escape from the stresses of life with the Oriental style tea shops in Saigon.

Linh’s tea shop

Come to Linh’s tea shop, you will have the opportunity to admire from a few dozen different teas too much to remember, all cups of tea are “censored” carefully according to each type. The shop has a space that is not too large, too big but “décor” with many green trees combining elegant and cozy colors, which can give you a time to enjoy extremely comfortable tea.

However, the shop is not only tea, but also natural herbs, medicinal herbs … and all will be enthusiastically advised by the small owner until you choose the favorite tea. For many guests when visiting the shop, the menu seems a bit … too much, because there are already available small tea trays so that guests can see firsthand, sniff the nose, is really a “good experience”. . If you are looking for a quiet spot in the bustling streets, this is where you can go and try.

Orientea (7th Floor, 42 Nguyen Hue street, District 1)

Escape from the stresses of life with the Oriental style tea shops in Saigon.


Partea is for those of you who like English aristocratic tea, Orientea is a meeting point for Asian souls, especially those who like the traditional and ancient oriental tea styles of China and Japan. More than a dozen different tea tastes are placed in very beautiful wooden boxes for you to choose freely. Orientea sells Chinese tea leaves, flower tea and Chinese nursing tea, including hot and cold drinks. The names of the teas are also “arrogant”, sounding like in ancient movies, for example, the name “Bich Loa Xuan”, “Kim Tuan Mi” or “Pho Nhi” for example. The shop space is not large, but “background” photography is particularly beautiful “excellent” in the morning.

If you are not used to drinking solid tea and easy to get drunk, you can choose Oolong Dai Hong Bao tea and eat it with pineapple jam cake. In addition, the store also has unique milk tea, especially rice milk tea to help skin and cool people.

Lekima (1st Floor, 6A Thi Sach, District 1)

Escape from the stresses of life with the Oriental style tea shops in Saigon.

Lekima tea sho

The first attraction that Lekima tea shop brought was a beautiful small space filled with green trees. For the “young men and women” in Saigon, it is the orange door with a prominent pink sign. If you’ve missed your feet here and don’t live a bit in this position, it’s a bit unfortunate.

In the hot weather like Saigon’s fire, there is nothing better than mixing in a lush garden with all kinds of plants that can help you “revive” immediately. There are rows of creepers creeping down through the gates, with small pots of color and size. The shop is not too wide, not too picky but still extremely eye-catching with simple decorations. Once you sit in this space, surely the “pose” fanatics will not be able to hesitate to pull out your phone as some kind of image.

The shop has Vietnamese-style tea and coffee dishes, with traditional cakes such as glutinous rice cakes, pig earbreads that are suitable for sipping and sitting with billionaire and soulmate.

The YUM Cha Tearoom (Floor 1, 10 Nguyen Tri Phuong street, District 5)

Escape from the stresses of life with the Oriental style tea shops in Saigon.

The YUM Cha tearoom

The YUM Cha tearoom is the only place in Vietnam serving Liao Mayor Black Tea (Liao Mayor tea) with tea ingredients grown in Sun Moon Lake (Nhat Nguyet Lake), Taiwan.

When you enjoy this premium tea in the classy Asian classical space, you will feel like you are “lost” in time to the 80s with wooden furniture, pillows peacock texture and star lights. The menu here is rich, including hot tea sets served with jam and cake, fruit tea …

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