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It is so hot these day, you have to know this herb desserts

Posted by admin on 03/04/2019
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Walking around Saigon, there are many dishes made from popular and familiar herbs, such as arhat, sage, licorice … not only delicious and attractive, but also good for health. After meals, if you intend to dessert, think about the following herbal dishes!

Jelly herb honey

Thạch thảo mộc

Herbal pudding is both soft and fragrant, after keeping it cool for a while and taking it out will be easy to eat. Honey herb jelly made from many healthy herbs and takes sweetness from honey instead of sugar. In Saigon, you can find some places selling jelly herbs with soy milk. If you have been drinking milk tea but still want to drink something cool and jelly, with fatty milk, you can try soybean jelly herb milk.

Herb chicken eggs

Trứng gà thảo mộc

Chicken egg herbal sweet is one of the unique dishes of Chinese people. Those who are unfamiliar may feel it a bit strange, but those who like herbs will feel this smell very pleasant. The white part has the characteristic fatty taste of eggs, mixed with a little bit of bitterness from herbs, blended with fragrant red yolk to create a harmonious delicious dish. You can choose to eat hot or cold, but if possible, try the hot version, because the temperature will wake up more, the herb taste better when eaten cold.

Ginseng water

Nước sâm

In Saigon, ginseng water grows to the extent that it can be considered a small “ginseng culture”. Due to the year-round heat, this simple drink is very popular with the people here. Ginseng juice made from herbs. It is easy to find. There are two types of ginseng that are commonly seen as light ginseng and bitter ginseng (darker colors). Bitter water is a bit more difficult to drink, but if you drink it, it is very beneficial for health because there are many herbs. On the other hand, if you do not like bitterness, you can drink normal ginseng juice with a sweet taste that is easy to drink.

Herbal sweet gruel

Taiwanese herbal sweet gruel is very delicious, helps to hypothermia. There are many different types of topping, such as high-pitched, herbal jelly, sweet potato or pearls … it is fun because these topping seeds have many colors that look very eye-catching. Usually, Taiwanese herbal sweet gruel has three main ingredients: herb shaved ice (herbs made from squash, licorice, ground, etc.), sweet potatoes and jelly, made from herbs . But modern herbal sweet gruel is much more diverse with lots of different topping for you to choose from.

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