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Hung Kings Commemoration Day – Vietnam Public Holiday 2024

Posted by Han Gia on 05/04/2024
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Hung King Festival is a Traditional Public Holiday in Vietnam that will be celebrated on the 10th day of the third Lunar month. Let’s check out this article to know the history of Hung Kings Commemoration Day and have your own plan to spend Public Holidays in Vietnam!

History of Hung Kings Commemoration Day

Hung King or we still often call him Hung Vuong is the name of the supreme leader of Lac Viet people’s Van Lang State – the first State of Vietnam.

Once upon a time, legend has it that King Hung started from the time when Van Lang society still existed. At the head of Van Lang State are the supreme leaders, known by the people by the title Hung Vuong. Hung Vuong was also the military commander who presided over religious ceremonies.

Hung Kings founder of Van Lang State

Hung Kings – Founder of Van Lang State

The first Hung Kings dynasty was in the Red River Valley of Southeast Asia in the early Bronze Age. The cause of building the country of the Hung Kings was the cause of fighting against foreign invaders and protecting the country of the ancient Vietnamese. This is the truth that history has shown through hundreds of sites. They are shown in stone, bronze, iron… with stone picks, iron axes, plowshares, brass sickles… These are proofs of a long way. And the history goes back several millennia BC.

According to history, since Vietnam was established early, Vietnamese people have always remembered the huge merit of the 18 Hung Kings, the Hung Kings Commemoration Day has been celebrated in different ways across Vietnam for many years. In 2007, Hung Kings Commemoration Day became an official holiday. 

As a public holiday, a national joyous occasion that embraces meaningful traditional Vietnamese culture and values, many Vietnamese people can take time off work to honor their nation’s history with their friends and loved ones.

When is Hung Kings Commemoration Day 2024?

This year, Hung King Festival occurs on Thursday, April 18th, 2024 of the solar calendar so employee will have a fully paid day off for this public holiday.

Hung King holiday day off 2024

Hung King holiday occurs on April 18th, 2024

According to the provisions of Article 112 of the Labor Code 2019 employees are entitled to leave work and receive full salary during public holidays, including Hung Kings Commemoration Day. Specifically, workers in Viet Nam will enjoy five consecutive days off from April 29 to May 3 to celebrate Hung Kings Commemoration Day, Reunification Day, and International Workers’ Day in April and May.

What made Hung King Holiday in Vietnam priceless?

Hung King Holiday become Vietnamese Public Holidays priceless because for each of us when we say the two words “Hung Vuong”, we mean a very first creator ancient period. Vietnamese are associated with the legends of Lac Long Quan and Au Co. We often associate the symbol of our nation with the Dragon, the Fairy’s grandson. According to the legend, Hung Kings as descendants of Lac Long Quan and Au Co, have been remembered as founders of Vietnam and protected us for more than 2000 years. Uncle Ho once said: “The Hung Kings have had merit in building the country, we must protect the country together”. That is why Vietnamese people respect and appreciate this Hung Kings Commemoration with a timeless quote “Whenever we go. Remember the anniversary of the 10th of March.”

Traditional activities we can enjoy on Hung Kings Commemoration Day

Hung King holiday activities

Traditional activities on Hung King Holiday

On Hung Kings Commemoration Day occurs on next Thursday, so we will have a day off. Therefore, let’s make a plan to spend our meaningful holidays! A day to slow down and relax, or to get active and enjoy time outdoors. Some people know in advance how they will live their weekdays, planning overseas trips or long weekends. However, others woke up not knowing what to do. Whether you prefer a quiet day or want to partake in something more exciting. For Ho Chi Minh City residents, Visreal would like to share suggestions that will make the most of your public holiday:


We can join the celebration of Hung Kings Commemoration in Hung Kings’ temple at many national parks in Ho Chi Minh City such as Ho Chi Minh City National Park of History and Culture, Suoi Tien Cultural Amusement Park, Tao Dan Park, Saigon Zoo & Botanical Gardens . . . 

Vietnamese people love to participate in many commemorative activities in response to the Hung Kings’ Anniversary. Here are Hung Kings Commemoration fun activities that will make your holiday: 

Hung Kings Commemoration Day - Fun Lion Dance

Hung Kings Commemoration Day – Fun Lion Dance

Parade: Like many other processions of East and Southeast Asia, the parade on Hung Kings Commemoration is super colorful. Participants wear traditional costumes and vibrant colors to ward off bad luck. The procession also features colorful banners and flags.  This procession is a fun way to educate Vietnamese youth about Vietnamese traditions.

Live Music Performances: To reconnect with their traditions and cultural roots, many Vietnamese attended live music performances on the Hung Kings Commemoration Day. Most of these performances revolve around traditional singing and dancing styles.

Games: Vietnamese people have a lot of games and craft games during this holiday. One of the most popular games is chess. This gives everyone a chance to test their intelligence and strategy against their friends and opponents. In the countryside, cockfighting is also popular.

Get a healthy adventure

Suoi Tien Themes Park, Can Gio Beach, … are very ideal day-trip destinations, naturally. Nevertheless, if you want to get away from Saigon a bit, follow us. We can conveniently see more destinations and resorts right next to Saigon like:

Giang Dien Waterfall – Dong Nai Province

Giang Dien Waterfall – Dong Nai Province

Giang Dien waterfall – A particularly interesting natural landscape

Some of the nice places but not so popular are the Giang Dien Waterfall tourist area. It’s in Dong Nai Province and is only about 50 km from Ho Chi Minh City.

Giang Dien Waterfall is a particularly interesting natural landscape that has been expanded and built into an ecological resort. Coming to Giang Dien wharf, visitors will have the opportunity to bathe in the cool water of streams. Most importantly, we absolutely dispel the heat of Saigon, stay away from the dust, and also camp overnight here.

Thuy Chau Tourist Site – Binh Duong City

Thuy Chau Tourist - Ideal Picnic Site Near Saigon

Thuy Chau Tourist – Ideal Picnic Site Near Saigon

Second place on the Hung Kings Commemoration Day list must be Thuy Chau Tourist Site in Binh Duong also has many streams, artificial waterfalls, and close natural scenes. This is also a great choice next to Giang Dien waterfall, you can bring food, spread silver, and grill food. Eating by the stream is both cool and comfortable for children to swim. It’s a true paradise, from Thuy Chau Artificial Waterfall, Wide Thuy Chau Swimming Pool System, Real Freshwater Crocodile Lake, to Special Festival Performing Arts, . . . 

Ba Den Mountain – Tay Ninh Province

Ba Den Mountain - Famous for its artless scenery and mysterious tales

Ba Den Mountain – Famous for its artless scenery and mysterious tales

A reliable place to exercise your body that you can add to your list of choices is Ba Den Mountain in Tay Ninh. You can participate in exploring, trekking, visiting pagodas, camping, and enjoying Tay Ninh specialties such as Banh Chung, Rice Paper, etc. If you don’t like to climb the mountain, you can take the cable car, see the aerial view from the cable car is also great!


Hopefully, this updated blog will finally help you to know more about Hung Kings Commemoration Day – a Vietnamese traditional day for all of us to appreciate our beautiful country. Furthermore, whether you opt for heading out into the great outdoors or a chill day.  Visreal sincerely hopes you will have meaningful upcoming holidays! Thank you for reading our Hung King Holiday blog. If you have any great holidays plan, don’t hesitate to share them with us!

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