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Emoji – a restaurant of handmade pizza, wood-fired oven in Saigon

Posted by Vy Tran on 08/08/2019
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Emoji Pizza designed in classical style, the cake is made by hand, baked in wood oven with unique taste: durian, spring rolls, sausage …

Romantic, luxurious European space

Emoji Pizza has just opened the first branch at 4/1 Hoang Du Khuong street, Ward 12, District 10, Ho Chi Minh City. The restaurant is located in a peaceful alley, away from the noisy and impressive streets with eye-catching design with bold European style.

Emoji - a restaurant of handmade pizza, wood-fired oven in Saigon

Romantic, classic space at the restaurant.

The design inspiration is based on the classic style, the standard of pizza restaurants in Italy. Brick walls, golden light, green trees, flames were burning brightly in a typical firewood oven combined with the melodious tone of classical jazz … creating a European-centered space Bustling Saigon.

The highlight of the restaurant is that the hot pizzas in the oven are all baked by the chef and using traditional wood stoves. Emoji Pizza also designed an open kitchen area and placed chairs around the bakery. Diners can sit here, admire the entire process and the birth of the pizza under the manipulated hands of skilled, experienced chefs.

Emoji - a restaurant of handmade pizza, wood-fired oven in Saigon

All cakes are baked in a wood oven.

The nature of the Emoji house is also shown through the unique “wood stove”, which helps create the standard traditional cakes of Naples (Italy). In addition, Emoji also designed an open and open kitchen area for diners to admire the whole process of making pizza under the skillful hands of good chefs.

Unique menu with durian pizza

Featured on the menu, the restaurant presents a variety of pizzas with topping and signature cheeses. Although bringing in many different flavors, all kinds of cakes at Emoji Pizza are baked with puffed wood in 1 minute 30 seconds.

Thanks to the temperature of more than 400 degrees Celsius in the oven, each cake ensures the freshness of the oven, the thin, spongy and chewy bread inside, blending with the firewood and scorching streaks outside the cake. Only one bite, delicious taste, crispness of wood-fired pizza will make an impression with all the senses of diners.

In addition to the rich European pizza with greasy cheese, the restaurant also offers a special menu with a combination of Vietnamese cuisine, including spring rolls, durian pizzas and Northwest pizza .

Emoji - a restaurant of handmade pizza, wood-fired oven in Saigon

Greasy cheese pizza.

Many diners have enjoyed and given quite a lot of compliments to these two lines of Emoji Pizza. Mr. Nguyen Tuan Anh said that he will definitely return to the restaurant because “spring roll pizza is just right without adding dots, seafood pizza has fresh ingredients, shrimp meat smells like brick”.

If you are a believer of pasta, Italian pasta, diners can also come to Emoji to enjoy exclusive recipes from experienced chefs. For example, black noodles (made from squid of squid), Lasanga noodles, seafood noodles with tomato sauce, mushroom cheese noodles …

Emoji - a restaurant of handmade pizza, wood-fired oven in Saigon

Pasta-stimulates taste.

Create pure taste from natural ingredients

To create delicious cakes, Emoji Pizza pays special attention to the selection of ingredients from meat and fish to vegetables, fruits and vegetables. All must be guaranteed fresh, clean and important as new entry every day.

Vegetables are rooted from farms in Dalat. Cheese and tomato sauce – the soul of every pizza – imported directly from famous brands from Italy.

Emoji especially pays much attention to choosing and importing fresh ingredients to bring diners the best pizza. From meat, fish to fruits and vegetables, all must be guaranteed fresh, clean and important to be imported every day.

The lines of Emoji pizza are allowed to say no to preservatives, flavoring agents, coloring and wedge seeds, to ensure a delicious and nutritious meal for the health of customers. In addition, Emoji also responds to the “Less Plastic” trend in “environmentally friendly” by using self-decomposing “rice straw”, you not only drink but also sip it after meals. eat it again

Mr. Trung Dung – co-founded Emoji Pizza, said emoji means emoticons. Emotions are what the hearts of customers feel and only things made from the heart can reach the heart. Each Emoji Pizza member always wants to give customers the best feelings from the smallest things. “The happy and happy emotions when enjoying delicious food in the luxurious space and being interested in serving is what Emoji Pizza wants to bring to diners,” he stressed.

Ideal destination for appointments

If you are looking for an ideal destination for romantic dates, cozy family gatherings, or simply fun friends gatherings, Emoji Pizza is the perfect destination for We have everything you need. At Emoji – not just a place to sell delicious food but also a place to convey emotions.

Each Emoji Pizza member always wants to give customers the best feelings from the smallest things. The happy, happy emotions of enjoying delicious food in the favorite space and the attentive service of employees is what Emoji Pizza wants to convey to each of its dear customers. Are you ready to visit Emoji home?

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