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Differences between serviced apartments and apartments?

Posted by Hung Le on 23/10/2020
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Differences between serviced apartments and building apartments?

There are more and more people coming to Ho Chi Minh City with many different reasons. They are both Vietnamese people and foreigners. With the purposes of traveling or working and so on, they come to Ho Chi Minh City and need a place/house/apartment. That is the reason why there are more and more houses or apartments have been built.

Looking for service apartment or building apartment

Looking for service apartment or building apartment

There are many kinds such as house, villa, hotel, homestay, apartment, serviced apartment, etc. Serviced apartments and apartments are the popular choices. People usually consider whether they should choose serviced apartments or apartments and what are the differences between them. This essay will provide the answers for these questions.

What are serviced apartments and apartments?

Serviced apartment

Service apartment is a miniature model of the hotel with full amenities such as bed, fridge, sofas, table, chair, television, air-condition, etc, and some other basic equipment.


Like the name, this kind of apartment has been equipped with convenient services like cleaning service, internet, etc.


An apartment building is a residential area consisting of many apartments. Here, many families or individuals will live together as a community in the apartment complex. Apartments are often located in densely populated areas of the city, convenient traffic for travel to other areas.

There are many facilities with high quality in apartment project such as gym, swimming pool, shopping centers, large parking basement, community room, etc.

Advantages and Disadvantages of these two types of apartment

Advantages of Serviced Apartment

Most serviced apartments with a budget from $400 to $2000 has the locations around the central area of the city. The size of each serviced apartment building is not too large so the number of residents in a population is only about 15 to 250 people.

The residents living here do not need to worry about the security. The 24/24 security in serviced apartment can help you feel secure all the time at home. And if you are not a resident of that serviced apartment, you cannot enter the house.

There are many services including in the rental packing from daily housekeeping, helping order drinking water, water used, management, internet, cable TV, etc. Especially, all services are included in the rental fee so they are free. Living in a serviced apartment, you can get 2 times per week for cleaning your house. The mattress will be changed for each certain period. The internet, cable TV are usually free. Some serviced apartment buildings also offer free washing service. All of necessary furniture and appliances are provided. Therefore, serviced apartment is very suitable for a prosperous life, suitable for foreign experts who have to leave the country to work, need a simple and safe life, with maximum service and comprehensive support during the time they live outside their country.


One of the biggest advantages of serviced apartment is that the residents can rent it for short term or long term depending their demand. They can rent it for one months, one year or even more. For many different reasons, the residents only need an apartment in short term and for these cases, serviced apartment is a good choice for them. And also, living in a serviced apartment, they can get the contract as well as the invoices for living cost.

And one more convenience is that the residents do not need to pay many bills such as rental fee, internet, water, electric, etc. All of the fees are included in one bill. And all costs are clear so that the residents can check easier. This can bring to the residents the convenience and save their time.

Serviced apartments have on many districts in Ho Chi Minh City such as District 1, District 3, Phu Nhuan District, District 2, District 7, Tan Binh District, etc. This creates many choices for the residents as well as the convenience to choose a location that is easy for the residents to go to work.

Disadvantages of Serviced Apartments

The biggest disadvantage of Serviced Apartments is the area. Usually, the area of serviced apartment is much smaller than apartment in a big building or apartment projects. Serviced apartments also have many kinds like apartments such as studio, one bedroom, two bedrooms or three bedrooms, etc. However, the smallest area for serviced apartment is usually from only 25sqm.

In addition, a serviced apartment also has no beautiful view. Serviced apartments are usually in a house or a small building without many floors. And the location of serviced apartments is usually at crowded area. There is usually not opened view or view from a high floor.

Moreover, serviced apartments usually located in the alleyways of the main roads, not in the facade. Sometimes, it is good if people do not want to stay in a place seeing too much vehicles. However, when locating in the small alleyways, the residents, especially with the foreigners, may find it difficult to find the location and to move to other areas in Ho Chi Minh City.

There are many services like cleaning, internet, etc. However, not all serviced apartment buildings have facilities like gym or swimming pools. The basement for parking is usually small. The parking is limited for motorbike (only 2 motorbikes for each apartment) and there is even not place for car.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Apartment in Apartment building

Advantages of Apartment in Apartment building

Different from Serviced apartment, Apartment in Apartment buildings usually has large area. There are many kinds of apartment such as officetel, studio, one bedroom, tow bedrooms, three bedrooms, four bedrooms, duplex or penhouse. The area of studio is also larger than studio for serviced apartment. It is usually from 35sqm for studio. One-bedroom apartment is from 45sqm. There are some apartments which are larger than 150sqm, even more than 250sqm. Even with only $450, the residents can have an apartment with one bedroom and the area is 50sqm. How great it is!

The apartment buildings have a large lobby in each Tower. This creates the luxurious feeling as well as the space in order to welcome everyone.

Some residents would like to be stable so they sign the contract for a long time. They would like to have a “family feeling”. In other words, they would like to be as if they were living in their own house. Therefore, they rent an apartment without furniture and invest their own furniture so that whatever apartment they stay, wherever they move, they can have their own furniture as well as decorate the apartment to get what they want. This is what serviced apartment cannot do.

For apartment in an apartment project, you can choose an apartment on a low floor or high floor, even on a really high floor which is over 20th, 30th or 40th floor. Depending on the location of each apartment and each floor, the residents can enjoy views of highway, river, park, swimming pool or internal view. It is a strength that serviced apartment does not have.

There are so many large apartment projects in many districts in Ho Chi Minh City. You can choose a project which is suitable with your budget, your requirement and create a convenience for you to go to work. Each project has its own characteristics making it different from other projects. Depending on your style and requirement, you can decide to choose an ideal project for yourself.

Living in an apartment means that you will live in a densely populated population. Each family will live in each apartment. There are many separate apartments in a project. They build up a community of the residents living in that project. There are even community rooms. Therefore, the communication is more popular when the residents in many apartments can communicate together. The residents here can even play together in outside campus.

In addition, there are also many facilities that serviced apartment does not have. Apartment project can provide the residents with so many high-quality facilities which have the global standards such as gym, swimming pool, community room, basement, park, play area for kids, shopping centers, etc. Shopping center is great point for apartment. It brings to the residents the convenience for shopping. These facilities are usually included in the management fee.

There are even areas for walking, running or doing exercise. Some buildings have their own separate parks so that the residents can use it without needing to go to the outside.

Especially, there are so many international schools around the areas of apartment projects. This plays an important point for the residents when the choose a school with international standards for their child(children).

The 24/24 security can ensure the safe when you live in an apartment. If you are not the residents of the project and do not have the agreement from the residents or the owners of the apartment, you cannot entry the living area. It is to make you the safe of the residents as well as the building.

Disadvantages of Apartments in Apartment projects

Apartments also have many disadvantages. The first one is about the contract time. The residents need to do the contract for at least 6 months to one year. It is good for ones who need an apartment for long time but it may not be good for ones who only need an apartment for short term.

The buildings/projects do not provide the services like cleaning, internet, etc. You usually need to clean your house or set up the internet by yourself. However, there is many apps which can help you. You can book the services via an app and decide the time. The process to sign up and set up the internet is also easy. You can even choose the package and the supplier you want.

You need to pay many bills. The rental fee will be paid to the owner. If the management fee is not included in the rental fee, you need to pay it separately to the management board of the project. And also, the bills for electric, water and internet are also separate. However, it is easy to pay for them and the agent can also help you pay them.


In conclusion, a serviced apartment or apartment has its own advantages or disadvantages. Below is the summary of the differences between them.

Differences between serviced apartments and apartments?

Differences between serviced apartments and apartments?

Depending on your budget and requirement, you can decide a kind of apartment for yourself.

And also, Ho Chi Min City has many agents. They can help you finding a suitable apartment. Visreal can help you without charging any fee. We have many apartments and serviced apartment for rent in many districts of Ho Chi Minh City. Please do not hesitate to contact us for free consultation via the contact below:

Phone/Zalo/Viber/What’s app, Kakaotalk: ‎(+84)903004226 (Ms.Helen)


Office address: 1F- N.G.E Building, No. 292 Ung Van Khiem Street, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City

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