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Apartment Interior Design Ideas that Makes Your Apartment Beautiful

Posted by Vy Tran on 25/08/2018
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8 apartment interior design ideas help owners have a modern, comfortable life

When designing the apartment interior, you not only have to arrange and arrange items to suit the needs of the family but also have to meet the aesthetic needs of the house.

Currently, instead of building a house, many families choose to own apartment apartments, which both suitable for economic and still ensure comfort and meet the needs of users. At the same time, the interior design of the apartment becomes quite important whether the area is large or narrow, in the long or short term usage, the family is large or small, …

To design the interior of the apartment, the idea of design is not enough, you need to shape the style to suit the preferences, layout lighting, airy space, arrange furniture To be neat and secure, to ensure the feng shui of houses.

This article will suggest the most basic apartment interior design ideas as well as present the most popular designs for you to refer and choose a reasonable way for the apartment of the family. myself.

1. Apartment Interior design ideas

No matter your apartment is large or small, the interior design should also ensure the basic ideas and criteria below:

Choosing the right size of furniture for your home:

Do not try to cram your cumbersome furniture into a small apartment. If you have a large house but only put a few things in place, small and simple pieces will leave a lot of “dead space”. Therefore, depending on the size of the apartment you should choose the appropriate size and type of furniture.

Utilizing room corners and dead zones:

  • Use the corner to put your décor front and center: Start by adding some shelving. Then, arrange your prized décor items in a series of varied groupings;


  • Or, you could also convert the corner to a desk or study area. Remember to leave a little bit of storage space — like the shelving unit in this picture — so you can store any relevant materials. 


  • L-shape sofa, corner shelf or bathtub design would also great ideas.

Combination of colors and light:

An interior design suitable for condominiums is when you select the color that matches the style and indispensable light to highlight. Depending on personal preference, we can completely select the color to enhance the beauty of the apartment. In addition to the natural light from the window, the main door, bring warmth, freshness to the apartment with a proper lighting system.

For a small apartment, light colors make a room look bigger and brighter and more inviting. Try painting your wall trim and moldings in a lighter color than your walls.

Bring nature to the apartment:

The apartment interior design ideas with a little green will bring balance to your apartment. A few pots of green trees, filtered flowers placed in the window or corner of the house have created a highlight for the house makes the air always fresh, pleasant.

8 stylish interior design beautiful apartment. (2)

A beautiful interior design cannot be missing several pots of green trees, both help filter the air and make space become more alive.

Highlight: It’s boring if your living room is just a soft cream, so why not try out the interior by creating a flair for the interior? Unique floorcovering, uninterrupted lighting, smart interior, or reflective light from mirrors will give you a sense of openness and openness in your living space.


Mirrors can make your room look larger.

  • Use a focal point and angle your mirrors toward it to give the illusion of depth. They reflect both natural and artificial light to make a room brighter during the day and night;
  • Placing a mirror near a window, or on the walls and glass tabletops, or use mirrored cabinet doors to make spaces feel larger.

Safety and Feng Shui:

Always ensure that all interior designs in your apartment are safe for the user, especially those with elderly and young children. Pay attention to the sharp objects, carved items, wire, … And above all, the place to put furniture should not be the dark room in Feng Shui housing.

2. Apartment interior design ideas for condominiums

Modern interior style

In all interior design styles, perhaps the most popular modern design is by fitting any space in the house.

This architecture is especially for those who have an active, modern lifestyle towards an open, airy space, preferring the furniture designed simple and neat.

8 stylish interior design beautiful apartment.

Classic style furniture is suitable for large apartments, enough space for the furnishings are more sophisticated decoration than modern furniture.

When designing this style, architects often use warm, deep colors such as brown, moss green, ice cream or earth gold, creating a highlight of wood and leather.

Classic furniture style

Classic style furniture is suitable for large apartments, enough space for the furnishings are more sophisticated decoration than modern furniture.
When designing this style, architects often use warm, deep colors such as brown, mossy green, cream or earthy gold, creating accents of wood and leather.

8 stylish interior design beautiful apartment. (4)

 Neoclassical style

The neo-classical style interior design is a combination of modern yet classic breathing that is not too sophisticated, luxurious. The minimalist layout, simpler color scheme, economic space, but still elegant.

Create accents with simple decorative patterns on ceilings, walls, or use chandeliers with warm tones.

 8 stylish interior design beautiful apartment. (4)

Modern European style

Not only popular in Europe but now this style is quite a lot of Vietnamese families favored by the modern, unique but still harmonious and especially suitable for small apartments.

The colors of white, gray, black, … of Nordic style combined with prominent motifs in curtains, carpets, decorations, pictures bring a very modern space and personality.

8 stylish interior design beautiful apartment. (8)

French style

This is the design of the apartment interior that brings together the combination of modernity with a bit of classic, old, decorated with antique furniture or unique items, thereby creating a space. beautiful and most impressive.

8 stylish interior design beautiful apartment

American style

When designing your interior in American style, you have quite a selection of open country style, creative, open space natural or classic luxury …

8 stylish interior design beautiful apartment. 8 stylish interior design beautiful apartment 1

Japanese style

For those who prefer minimalism, this is definitely a great choice. From ancient times, Japanese interior architecture always attaches importance to three things: the minimalism, nature and neutral colors.

In the space of the house is designed in Japanese style, the wood material will be used mainly, the color is usually monochrome, the furniture is not fussy but always ensure to meet the demand. Reasonable use.

8 stylish interior design beautiful apartment. (2)

Korean style

If you regularly watch Korean dramas, you can easily see that Korean style interior design is quite similar to Japanese style in tone or minimalism. However, there are still points and towards modern, youthful, quite suitable for small and medium size apartments.

8 stylish interior design beautiful apartment. (3)

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