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Vietnam visa extension service for foreigners

Posted by Vy Tran on 19/03/2019
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For foreigners who enter Vietnam to work or travel with a visa that is about to expire. If you still want to stay in Vietnam to learn more about nature, the country of Vietnamese people who continue their business can apply for a visa extension at the competent authorities in Vietnam. So is the visa renewal procedure difficult? With Vietnam Booking Vietnam visa extension service for foreigners, learn more about this issue through the article below.

Things to know about Vietnam visas for foreigners

A Vietnamese visa or visa for foreigners is a legitimate proof that a foreigner is allowed to enter Vietnam. This visa can be a document but is popular with a confirmation stamp for visa applicants to enter their passport.
Vietnamese visas for foreigners include 20 categories, corresponding to 20 different visa symbols, of which the following are common types of visas:

  • Visa designation – Issued to foreign investors in Vietnam and foreign lawyers practicing in Vietnam.
  • Visa corporate notation – Issued to people who come to work with businesses in Vietnam.
  • Visa symbol NN2 – Issued to heads of representative offices, branches of foreign traders, representative offices of foreign economic, cultural and professional organizations in Vietnam.
  • Signed Labor Visa – Issued for people to work.
  • Visa designation DL – Issued to people who enter tourism.
  • TT-branded visa – Issued to foreigners who are spouses, children under 18 years of age of foreigners granted visa notations, phone, NN1, NN2, Labor or foreigners who are father, mother, wife, husband, children of Vietnamese citizens.

Vietnam visa extension service for foreigners

Renew Vietnamese visas for foreigners and renewals

Foreigners who are in Vietnam already have an existing visa, need to extend the time in Vietnam and must apply for a visa extension in order to continue living and working in Vietnam.
Visa renewal includes the following categories:

  • Renew once a month or several times
  • Renew 3 months once or many times
  • Renew 6 months 1 time or many times
  • Renew 1 year 1 time or many times

Note: Visa renewals can only be made within a certain period of time. The visa extension period cannot last more than 1 year.

Vietnam visa extension service for foreigners

Procedures for renewing Vietnamese visas for foreigners

In order to apply for an extension of a Vietnamese visa for foreigners, you need to prepare a complete set of documents according to the list of suggested documents below and submit it to the Immigration Department or the Immigration Department of the provinces, city ​​.

  • Original passport, with a minimum period of 6 months.
  • Application form for Vietnam visa extension: form N5 certified by a company or organization in Vietnam if sponsored by a Vietnamese organization or company or by a commune or ward police if applying for a visa before is sponsored by Vietnamese individuals.
  • 02 photos 4x6cm, white background.
  • Registration of temporary residence in the locality (if any).
  • Work permit or exemption of work permit if it is an employee. Investment license if it is an investor.
  • Guarantee documents of the company, including: photo registration certificate, photo stamp registration certificate, signature letter of introduction, official seal of the company.

Currently, it is difficult to apply for an extension of a Vietnamese visa for foreigners due to frequent changes in visa renewal procedures while the guidelines are quite meager and sketchy.

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