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Traditional New Year holidays of some European and American countries.

Posted by Vy Tran on 21/12/2017
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New Year is also one of the most important holidays of the year in many ethnic groups in the world. Next year is coming, a new year is coming, let us explore the exciting New Year holidays of European and American countries.

In England

In England, the song that was played during New Year’s Eve was not “Happy New Year” but “Auld Lang Syne” (meaning time passed). The song is a poem, written by poet Robert Burns in 1788. “Auld Lang Syne” is a message that reminds people to love, respect family, relatives around them, always leave the loved ones in their hearts whether they have gone forever.

In the UK, on New Year’s Eve, people usually gather in Trafalgar Square and Piccadilly Circus or in places where they hear the Big Ben clock.

In the opinion of the British, the first bucket of water will be lucky throughout the year.


In Italy there is an interesting custom dating back to the Middle Ages. Italians said that wearing red underwear on the first day of the new year will bring good luck throughout the year.

In Italy, no one is out in the street on New Year’s Eve because when the clock rings 12 hours, people will throw away old, damaged furniture off the street. It is customary because Italian people think that if you throw away old furniture, then in the new year you will get new items.


Germans consider that the first person they meet in the new year will be the big influence on them in the year. For couples who are in love, they will be together and kiss each other at the right time between two years, because there are rumors that if they do not kiss each other at that moment they will suffer separation.

In Germany it is also interesting to note that before the New Year’s Eve, people will sit still in their seats. When the clock rings, they will jump into the chair and throw a heavy object behind. This custom means to throw away all difficulties and tribulations in order to reach a new year of happiness and peace.


In the southern states of America, on the eve of New Year’s Eve, people often eat a lot of radishes and black beans because every beetle will earn $ 1000, and with each black eye they will earn 100 cents. According to the ancients, for this reason they had to eat up to 365 seeds.

For couples who love each other they will give each other kiss on New Year’s Eve. This is an ancient custom of the Americans, they do so because of that which brings good luck and good things in the new year.
In the United States at the time of the transfer of the old year through the New Year, in Times Square, they would lower the crystal ball and shoot the paper flowers.


The French used wine to celebrate the New Year. From New Year’s Eve until January 3, the French party, drinking wine drunk. From the French perspective, drunk wine will bring luck to them in the new year; If not drink all the new year will be bad luck.

In the early morning of the first day, French people together to see the wind direction. If it is the South wind, then the rain is favorable wind; If the west wind blows, this is a lucky year for fishermen and dairy farmers; If the East wind, then the fruit is good season, home bumper; The North wind blows a year of failure.


Spanish have the habit of eating 12 grapes when church bell points 12 hours to wish 12 months full of joy, happiness. In addition, this custom also expresses the wish to the new year people will have a bumper harvest.

In Spain on New Year’s Day children are not cranky, weeping and fighting. That is taboo. In addition, the Spaniards often wear gold or bronze coins on their body, indicating good luck.


In Canada, people celebrate the New Year by building snow around the house. In their view, it will drive away the devil and the new year will be peaceful.

In the British Columbia state of Canada, people have the habit of welcoming strange New Year’s Eve and hearing “cold all.” Everyone here will wear bathing suits and jump into the ice-cold waters when the new year comes, but at this time , Canada is in the coldest time of the year.


In Denmark interesting customs in the new year. It was the neighbors who would cross the house, stand in front of the house and throw the plates. The more broken houses the more lucky they are in the new year, and that proves they have many close friends.


Chileans celebrate the New Year at the cemetery. With their relatives, they came to the cemetery to remember those who had died.


In Mexico there is a rather scary custom, chatting with ghosts. This is part of the belief of the people, they believe will speak to the deceased relatives. At the beginning of the New Year, Mexicans spend 15 minutes commemorating, asking questions and asking dead people for instructions for the new year.

On New Year’s Eve, some people, especially women will wear red underwear with the desire to find love. There are also some suitcases that go around the house hoping to be exported next year.


In Scotland, on New Year’s Eve, each person in the house spilled in front of the house a little gold. According to the custom of the Scottish people drop gold in front of the door, in the new year, when open they will immediately see the gold money, which will bring a lot of money.

On New Year’s Eve, Scotsman celebrated the Hogmanay Festival, men marched on the street and carried a large torch, flipping through their hands and blowing. In a sense, these flames will bring light and purity to the new year.


For the Argentine, water is considered the “purest” thing in the universe. So, on New Year’s Day everybody goes to the river to have a new year. On New Year’s Eve, people will focus on eating special dinner at 11 o’clock.


In Cuba on New Year’s Eve, at every window, everyone poured water until 12 o’clock in the night to get lucky. When the bell rang, the people began to swallow the grapes, twelve hours of the bell had to be swallowed 12 grapes. Do that, the new year will be prosperous, wealth.


Burning the “old man” is a long-standing custom of Colombian people, requiring the participation of family members. Everybody together make a doll represent the old year, they will insert inside the doll unnecessary items and burn it on New Year’s Eve. This custom means shedding unhappiness, welcoming a happy new year.


On the New Year’s day, the Brazilian man holds a torch to climb the high mountains to look for the yellow bolus – a fruit symbolizing happiness. Everybody calls this trip a “search for happiness”.
Rural Brazil has an interesting custom of pulling the ears. On New Year, people meet and pull each other’s ears to express the blessing.
Brazilians have a habit of wearing white clothes because they think that white will bring good luck in the new year.

The above is the custom of welcoming Tet holidays of European and American countries. Each country has the custom to celebrate Tet, not confused. The traditions of the Lunar New Year are derived from the desire to be lucky, happy, prosperous.


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