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Top 3 New Places To Go Camping Near Ho Chi Minh City

Posted by Ha Nhi on 21/10/2022
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Top 3 New Places To Go Camping Near Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh is one of Southeast Asia’s most exciting cities, yet it’s also one where the stream of motorbikes is constant, the heat and humidity stifling almost every day of the year. Thus, you could become a bit overwhelmed at the early stage. Luckily, for nature enthusiasts and for those camping under the stars, they are not far away. Let’s “pack your backpack and go” with Visreal to explore awesome places to go camping near Ho Chi Minh city for the weekend below.

Tri An Lake

Tri An Lake is considered a masterpiece of scenery because, under the clarity of the water, sunlight shines on the surface of the lake. Bringing a rustic beauty, nestled between the streams of Dong Nai land, this scene must make visitors’ hearts flutter.

Tri An Lake is an artificial lake, but it has a very wild and idyllic landscape

1. Location

  • Belonging to Vinh Cuu, Dinh Quan, Thong Nhat and Trang Bom districts, Dong Nai province.
  • See directions at here

2. The services

Tri An Lake is not under the management of anyone, and visitors coming here can find a place to go camping and bring their own tents. However, now, because more and more people know and come here, the land, especially the ones in front of the dam, has been managed. Therefore, when planning to go camping near Ho Chi Minh City, you should be prepared in case they have to pay a fee to rent the land.

If you are afraid to carry a lot of bulky and heavy items from afar around the lake, there is rental equipment necessary for camping, such as: tents (with mounting support), tables and chairs, grills, boats (sup), fishing gear,…

3. Great camping locations

Tri An Lake - One of the most beautiful places to go camping near Ho Chi Minh

Campsite in Tri An Lake have beautiful scenery

3.1 Camping in the vicinity of Tri An Dam

This is an extremely ideal place to watch the sunrise, with a large space to catch the morning sun and a bit chilly in the afternoon, so it is very romantic and suitable for camping.

3.2 Tri An Lake’s campsite in the scorching Melaleuca garden

A Melaleuca garden is a very suitable place to set up a camping tent because of its large, flat, and cool space. You can organize a BBQ party, go fishing, or swim in the lake with a very chill sunset view.

3.3 Chim O Island Camping in the Heart of Tri An Lake

This is one of two islands located separately in the heart of Tri An Lake, with green space that few people know about.

4. Activities you shouldn’t miss out on in Tri An Lake

4.1 Setting up a tent, making a campfire, grilling food in the melaleuca forest or the fields next to the lake.

This is the most rewarding activity when coming to Tri An Lake. In the afternoon, when the wind blows softly and when the tents are erected next to the red coal dunes fragrant with the smell of barbecue, sharing with friends intimate stories until late at night will surely be an unforgettable memory for each person. traveler.

4.2 Fishing

Fishing is an activity that many visitors are eager to experience when coming to the lake

Tri An Lake is a perennial lake, so there are many small and large fish species living in it. Therefore, the “subject” of fishing soon became an activity loved by locals and tourists when coming here. With the fish caught, you can go with their companions to grill and eat on the spot.

4.3 Boating

The lake’s wide and calm all year round, making Tri An Lake an ideal place for us to paddle simple boats like kayaks or SUPs.

SUP rowing is a water sport that is loved by many tourists when coming here

The BCR Tourist Village

With beautiful terrain, green and clean space, The BCR resort is a one of entertainment destination and must-visit places to go camping near Ho Chi Minh City for those who love nature, rivers and outdoor sports.

Must-visit places to go camping near Ho Chi Minh City for those who love nature

The eco-tourism area is combined with culinary services and outdoor sports games

1. Location

  • 191 Tam Da, Truong Thanh, District 9, Ho Chi Minh City
  • See directions at here

2. The services

  • Opening hours: 8:30 – 17:30 (Tuesday – Friday), 8:00 – 18:00 (Saturday, Sunday, New Year)
  • Phone number: 094 393 43 73
  • Completely free 100% entrance ticket. You only pay for tickets when participating in games or activities at the resort

3. Camping in BCR’s tourist area

With the advantage of green and wide lawns, the BCR was voted as one of the ideal camping sites for the whole family. You can rent a tent to enjoy the green nature, have a campfire in the evening, or organize an outdoor BBQ party.

4. Activities you should not miss

4.1 Making handmade ceramics

Many tourists are excited about the pottery experience

Perhaps this is an unforgettable experience and is loved by all ages, from young children to the elderly. Coming to the BCR tourist area, you will be able to make ceramic products yourself.

4.2 Farm game

One day, playing the role of a farmer. Everything you get when participating is knowledge of a lot of things in the process of making rice grains, going to the vegetable garden to dig potatoes and enjoy them directly at BCR farm, which is very interesting.

4.3 Paintball shooting

This is the most popular team building games at the BCR tourist village

The sport of mock combat is modeled after wartime battles. Currently, The BCR Resort has 3 battlegrounds: urban, hilly and plain. You can freely choose the terrain and rules of the game to be able to best experience this super attractive game.

Cao Minh Island

Recently, the Cao Minh eco-tourism area has become a popular tourist and campsites near Saigon for young people. This is an extremely ideal ecological area for tourists who want to find nature.

Cao Minh Island is popular campsites near Ho Chi Minh for young people

A silent and beautiful island worthy for campsite near Ho Chi Minh City

1. Location

  • Hamlet 2, Vinh Tan Commune, Vinh Cuu District, Dong Nai.
  • Directions can be found at here

2. The services

Every other service needs to be booked separately, including tent, meals, charcoal grill, sup, fishing, etc. You can bring along your food and equipment if you want. You can experience many engaging activities while staying on the island, such as riding bikes, sup, fishing, etc.

  • A tent for two people costs 250,000 VND.
  • Barbecue (12 dishes): 370,000 VND.

3. Activities you should not miss

The types of entertainment here, although not unique, are quite diverse, from individual activities to team building and team building. The price of participating in the games only ranges from 10,000 VND to 50,000 VND, so visitors can have fun.

Camping activities at Cao Minh Island

Fun moments and memorable barbecue experiences with friends

Besides, the journey to discover Cao Minh tourist area has many interesting and attractive things waiting for you ahead. Crossing the swaying rope bridges, going through the mysterious wine cellar or admiring the majestic fortress with unique games at the dreamy green park will bring you interesting experiences. One of the activities that you must try here is rowing out to the middle of the lake to immerse yourself in the space of the waves.

To sum up

There are many different camping sites near the center for visitors to choose from, for the most convenience in moving and commuting. However, if you have a long vacation and prefer vigorous activities more than having campsites near Saigon, let’s explore these interesting climbing spots with Visreal here.

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