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Thao Dien area, District 2 – The Paradise of Ho Chi Minh’s youth.

Posted by Vy Tran on 28/08/2018
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Thao Dien area, District 2 is home to many villas, luxury apartments, international schools … many foreigners live. In particular, the most beautiful “frontage” of Thao Dien is surrounded by the banks of the Saigon River and metro rail line No. 1 with 3 important stations.

Thao Dien area, District 2 - The Paradise of Saigon's youth.

The Paradise of Saigon’s youth.

Anyone who has come to Saigon has admitted that: The atmosphere in this city is full of hustle and bustle, the feeling of just breathing is rushed. In Saigon, after school, tan, there are rare young people who go straight home to rest, but often will go here and there. None of the restaurants are also shopping laundering stress. The weekend is too, it is hard to be “say no” with a word to explore a small corner some new.

In the middle of Saigon, you do not have to go far or search for what you need, just in front of the door and a few steps to find. Like dining in the city, Nguyen Hue walk or food-court, monumental shopping, there are a series of concept store – concept mall or cough. From District 1, District 7 to District 3 – where ever the appearance of attractive destinations.

But go to a place slightly too! Modern and trendy restaurants are really good, but all around it is milk tea, clothing stores with naughty styles, cafes around a vintage style, a rustic rustic style, Bitexco wanders, walking street … – It is also very boring.

And if you are a young person who enjoys laughter but feels the need to break up his routine and turn his head to another direction, hello, Thao Dien area, District 2 is the answer. words for you! A new paradise for young Saigon, can just dine and eat coffee, can visit the shopping, enjoy the arts and especially drop in the space of delicate and delicate, to not There are only 1000 types of virtual live images, but also F5 can give their own senses and feelings.

1. Thao Dien Area – A New Metropolis of Saigon.

Not crowded, not grandiose or loudly like the entertainment or entertainment complexes but the Thao Dien area still countless interesting.

Only about 10 minutes by car from the city center, it is just like walking in a different world. Heaven is green, air is cool, completely separated from the crowded, busy out there. The small streets filled with green trees make it easy for anyone to stop here even though the sun is shining in Saigon today.

Thao Dien area, District 2 - The Paradise of Ho Chi Minh's youth.

Thao Dien area

Because of the many foreigners living here, you can easily feel the freedom, comfort and lifestyle of Western friends. It is not natural that foreign visitors to Saigon will have to visit district 2 to visit the beast. At this place, you will be immersed in the lovely shops, sip the delicious food, hear somewhere echoing acoustic ear to the ears and also get the lovely smile from new friends familiar again!

Not only is the quiet and cool paradise, Thao Dien area, District 2 is becoming a paradise of coffee, eat and enjoy the youth, with full of cafes, restaurants, fine shops. beautiful, furniture, flower shop … not to mention the cultural and artistic complex is attracting young people like The Factory, Saigon Outcast … All of their owners care, watering Take a refreshing, careful shower of personal touches that will not melt away and can make your heart melt as soon as you first set foot in.

2. We definitely have to spend a whole day trying all the restaurants in Thao Dien, District 2.

The restaurant in District 2 is quite diverse and you can almost find all the dishes you want to try but only take less than 100 steps. Unlike the shops in the center often try to open as large as possible, the clinic here is quite pretty and small. If you are the first time, 100% you will exclaim at the lovely of these roads. This one is a coffee shop with deep brown tones combined with blue patches of eyes, on the other is a restaurant with a sign with each item served today just like in the corner of Europe or America.

If there is a nice day, a little free and want to experience, explore the new space, unique in the heart of Saigon, please visit the  Thao Dien area, District 2, but Surely what you get will be beyond the initial expectations and then you will be surprised because not think that turned out in the heart of Saigon bustling a corner so peaceful.

Kokois (24 Thao Dien, District 2) is the first name that you can not ignore when coming to Thao Dien area, District 2 Kokois is a typical bistro model and made many good marks with many people, Especially those who like to find a corner for themselves. To work well, to read books well, or simply to sit down and watch the passage – as long as you are alone!

Thao Dien area, District 2 - The Paradise of Saigon's youth.


Located right on Thao Dien area, Kokois stands out from the distance with warm wood tone and green trees in front of the shop. Inside is divided into two main areas. The ground floor is used to make space for people to rest, enjoy the hot coffee or sip the sweet cake in the melodious music. The second floor is used as a display area for handmade accessories, fashionable bohemian clothing or even pretty pottery.

Thao Dien area, District 2 - The Paradise of Saigon's youth.

Kokois is a typical bistro model.

True to the spirit of a bistro, all the staff here are extremely friendly, close. Honestly, the price here is not cheap, most of the dishes are from 150.000đ or more for a portion, the water is fluctuating in the range of over 100k. However, after experiencing all of yourself, please confirm that the money you spend is worth anything compared to what you will receive.

If you are an Italian food and cultural enthusiast, it would be flimsy if you have never visited La Bettola Saigon (82 Xuan Thuy). This is a restaurant that is considered by foreign tourists to be “the best Italian food in town”.

Thao Dien area, District 2 - The Paradise of Saigon's youth.

La Bettola Saigon

Thao Dien area, District 2 - The Paradise of Ho Chi Minh's youth.

Italian restaurant

La Bettola‘s menu is not as dense as many other restaurants with just 12 dishes. The most typical dishes of the restaurant are the traditional Italian style grilled pork with mozzarella, grilled chicken cooked with raw potatoes and 3 special sauces or rice with vegetables, meat fish and stingrays. All dishes are Italian chef Giuseppe Amorello – who has 20 years of experience cooking themselves so the dishes are very attentive, just mouth.

The lowest food price in La Bettola is 115.000đ and the highest is 390.000đ. It is very difficult for us to come here regularly every week. However, you can still reserve a place for important special occasions such as the first date, the family’s anniversary, or simply take someone to a romantic place dedicated to two people.


In recent times, the brands specializing in fruit juice suddenly appear massively and create a new wave. One of the most popular names in Saigon is ÉP Pressed Juice – a brand of “made in Vietnam” fruit juice with a simple look that is extremely eye-catching, photogenic.

Thao Dien area, District 2 - The Paradise of Ho Chi Minh's youth.

ÉP Pressed Juice

Beginning with the idea of a young girl’s start-up, mainly take orders online and diligently deliver each bottle of juice each day. Up to now, ÉP has a shop located in Thao Dien area, district 2. The beautiful white tone of the shop combined with the wooden tables and chairs with the yard garden in front of the door easily feel good for. Even those who have never set foot in the bar.

As a brand name, this place specializes in selling high-quality cold drinks. However, not only stop pressing individual fruits and vegetables and put them into bottles for sale, but the ÉP also attaches great importance to the combination of various materials together. Come to ÉP, you will first taste the combination of apple – lemon – kiwi – spinach; pear – mint – apple – pineapple; beetroot – aromatic – Japanese pears – ginger; Coconut water – Strawberry – Lemon wedge – Himalayan salt …

ÉP area is not too wide if compared to conventional kiosks. However, do not hurry, the “appearance” of the restaurant is sure to be a plus point that you find that spending time visiting this small shop during the trip “travel” District 2 – is absolutely worth it.

Thao Dien area, District 2 - The Paradise of Ho Chi Minh's youth.

ÉP Pressed Juice is always chosen by the ” photographer” to appear in the picture of Instagram.

Follow the minimalist style but not so that the space of the ÉP becomes tasteless, boring. Tastefully white, clean and tidy to the brown wooden tables and chairs, the menu is hand-made and the green on the doorstep – all of which express the sophistication of the owner. should be a whole harmonious, modern. Peace of mind, the small shop, but look where is the virtual background live it!

Also, if you ever cherish the creative packaging, the eyes of foreign brands on Behance or Pinterest, when you come here, you will have to love the design of the ÉP at first sight. It is a combination of fun color play but not flicker, of the image close but not trivial and compact, sure, convenient to carry with you and … props photography. flatly. Perhaps, because of that ÉP Pressed Juice is always chosen by the ” photographer” to appear in the picture of Instagram.

3. There is no lack of artistic space, culture to experience in Thao Dien area, District 2.

In recent years, going to the exhibition, going to see the paintings or taking part in artistic activities is no longer so strange to young people. More and more such spaces are opened to serve young, civilized, modern and passionate people with beauty. But just looking at pictures, watching paintings, this is also a place where people can develop knowledge, learn more about other aspects of art and meet, get to know people with the same interest.

Thao Dien area, District 2 - The Paradise of Ho Chi Minh's youth.

The Factory Contemporary Arts Center

The Contemporary Art Center (referred to as The Factory) is through a few tests of a friend’s photos on Instagram. Feel the first of this about this place is: “Oh, too often!” However, after you have automatically been set to foot and space around here, I will be writing when the ancient has been written.

Thao Dien area, District 2 - The Paradise of Ho Chi Minh's yout

The first contemporary art area in HCM

Really, if you know the know with the current people, you will know the new school of this computer. They aspire to be in contemporary art exhibitions, longing to be able to see works by the heart, which are part of that artistic flow. Capturing such interest, The Factory – the pioneer art center of Saigon was finally born.

The Factory has a total area of 1000m2 and is divided into several areas. The container area you see first when you come here is the small room and will soon be put into operation for various purposes such as office, rent to do a pop-up sale, display the arts…

Besides exhibiting works of art in various forms, The Factory is also the venue for meetings between the great artists in the profession and the place of workshops for everyone to study together. , cultivate more about artistic thinking.

Going deep inside, there will be major spaces such as: cafe serving guests who stop; open space for holding conferences, workshops, seminars; the library with a series of rare books on various fields of art; exhibition room; bar.


If The Factory is a place for souls, paintings and contemporary art, Saigon Outcast is the land of love for music and art Saturday.

Thao Dien area, District 2 - The Paradise of Ho Chi Minh's youth.

Saigon Outcast is the land of love for music and art

Set in a vast courtyard surrounded by dozens of giant containers, Saigon Outcast brings you instantaneous street movies like Step Up. There is no discrimination on the basis of age, sex, color or sexual orientation.

With Saigon Outcast, the only condition to step into it is that you have to have an open heart, a soul ready to connect with a heartbeat always with good melodies, beautiful footage. So do not be surprised if you come here and see an old man with gray hair, but still discuss rocky discussion with young people at approximately the age of his children at home!

Unlike other typical art venues that are only active during the weekends, the Saigon Outcast event calendar is always full of space for you to immerse yourself in the art space no matter what day of the week. A variety of exciting shows such as Thursday Night’s Night, Children’s Outdoor Cinema, Acoustic Night or nightly music by some of the most celebrated underground artists will be the magic of the day. Study stress as strings.

Not to stop here, on Saturday morning – Sunday, Saigon Outcast also takes place extremely flea market. Due to the fair mainly for foreign tourists and foreign friends to ensure all items are new.

In Saigon, there is no shortage of bookstores, but the number of places selling art books and art supplies is almost nonexistent. Recognizing this need, Inpages – the first art bookshop in Saigon was born at 4 Le Van Mien, District 2.

Thao Dien area, District 2 - The Paradise of Ho Chi Minh's youth.

Inpages – The first art bookshop in Saigon

The owner of Inpages is Hoang Long – Founder of the Saigon Artbook project once aroused. With Inpages, Mr. Long’s desire is not only to provide the best books on design, photography … but also to create a space for young people can find and complete the area.

Here you can find all kinds of books on all topics related to the arts. Or if you have not found a good book, Inpages always have employees ready to talk and share with you, even help you find what you want. In recent years, Inpages have started community projects to connect young artists as well as friends who love art.

Thao Dien area, District 2 - The Paradise of Ho Chi Minh's youth.

Vin Gallery

Located right next to Inpages is Vin Gallery – the exhibition space just launched not long ago and held quite a program received the attract of young people. The top floor of the Inpages is a drawing room where children and young people can come to attend classes on color, painting and playing with foreign teachers. A destination contains many surprises that you should not ignore!

The last name in the list of places to visit in Thao Dien area, District 2 is Sadéc District Two (63 Xuan Thuy). This is a brand new complex recently opened in various types of services such as shopping, food …

Thao Dien area, District 2 - The Paradise of Ho Chi Minh's youth.

From a distance, Sadec District Two is like a small village in the countryside. However, there are close to dozens of kiosks selling all kinds of lifestyle products. It can be said that this is the home of many different lifestyles and fashion brands. Cassia Flower, Catherine Denoual Maison, Cincinnati Leather Boutique, Khao Soi Kitchen, LAM Boutique, NEYUH Leather, Pacey Cupcakes, Sadec District …

Thao Dien area, District 2 - The Paradise of Ho Chi Minh's youth.

Sadéc District Two – a small village in the countryside.

The commonality of the products sold in the Sadec District Two is that they are all close to nature. Everything is rustic, simple but not so subtle. You can find the finest liqueurs, cups or pots for flowers in the Sadéc District, then glide to pick some beautiful flowers to bring home at Cassia Flower. If you have something to sip, you can visit the Si Bistro, then buy some more cake to bring back to your family at Pacey Cupcakes. Are you a shopper? No matter, a series of dresses, bags, accessories here will make you happy and do not want to leave!

Not to exhibit too many products or stuffed a lot of things into the same space, Sadéc District Two has a pretty layout match. The shopping here is like watching the beautiful work, so gentle, free! There is also a large yard outside, every afternoon to pull together here to talk about what is the best!

If you are looking for an apartment to live and experience these wonderful things in Thao Dien Area, please feel free to contact us. We have many Apartment for rent with the best price for you. 


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