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Learn about intelligent dog species in Vietnam – Phu Quoc Dog

Posted by admin on 03/06/2019
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Phu Quoc Dog is a private dog of Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam. It has distinguishing characteristics, a species-like trait that is quite strange hair swirls running on the spine. Especially it is very intelligent dog and good at hunting.

Phu Quoc dog is one of three lines of dog with fur on the back in the world. The other two types of whirlpool dogs on the back are the Ridgeback Dog Rhodesia (also known as Ari in South Africa) and the Thai Whirlwind dog.

Phu Quoc dogs also know how to dig their own burrows to give birth and have a special talent for hunting animals, swimming in the water as well as otters thanks to their feet, such as propellers and silky hair close (1-2 cm) so when Phu is wet Quoc just needs to shake himself a few turns of water to shoot, so it will dry quickly. Phu Quoc dog has named in the French dictionary Larousse.

Where is the origin of Phu Quoc Dog?

The origin of Phu Quoc dog is currently unknown. According to some, Phu Quoc’s whirlwind dog began with a French whirlwind dog when lost on the wild island of Phu Quoc and this breed has proliferated here into a wild dog.
But Phu Quoc dogs are very well compared to Thai Ridgeback. However, Phu Quoc dogs were raised to be “used” in hunting animals and catch fish.Phu Quoc Island is an isolated island far from the mainland, so no matter where it comes from, this breed is still preserved. Through many generations of genetics, its shape and characteristics are far different from those of the Thai Ridgeback.

Distingishing features

This breed has an average height of about 55 cm, weighs about 18 kg, erect ears, slim waist, the usual color is fire gold (darker hairs on the back strip).

About colors, there are the types: black dogs with black, other black and yellow or brown legs; The dark brown or light brown dog group, especially this group often shows the harmony of colors: the yellow dog group changes in the range from dark to light, on a golden dog sometimes there is a pale yellow phase in the abdomen. and legs; the dog group – low percentage – has the most distinctive coat color; gray dog group, accounting for the lowest proportion.

Other groups include white white dogs and white orchid dogs with different background colors such as black, brown, yellow and gray.

Great of hunting

They are capable of hunting very well. Hunters go to the forest to bring one or two Phu Quoc dogs as companions, one night can bring five to six, or more ferrets, a common animal in Phu Quoc. Phu Quoc dogs can hunt bigger animals than they do like deer, even fierce animals like wild boars and poisonous snakes. Many Phu Quoc dogs risked their lives to save themselves from biting snake snakes.

With aggression compared to other dogs, they fight each other without faltering even though their opponents are bigger than themselves and often win. Phu Quoc dogs can trace their prey even if their prey has passed long before.

In the ” battle”, they are so fierce, but Phu Quoc dogs are easy to get acquaint with people. When they meet any relatives who are familiar with primitive things, they will wave their tails to be confused. Strange people can touch the dog. This is their disadvantage in house keeping.

Phu Quoc dog is more intelligent than a dog. It is obey the owner and absolutely faithful.

Phu Quoc dogs often suffer from intestinal diseases. According to some people perhaps due to weak immune systems by blood clotting. When taken to the mainland, the mortality rate is also very high, they need to be vaccinated when traveling away.

With all features about intelligent dog species. This is a proud of Phu Quoc Vietnam.


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