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Ha Noi Capital, Make Me Love The Capital Of Thousands Year Poetic

Posted by admin on 14/05/2019
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Ha Noi Capital is beautiful and idyllic, lovely and dreamy, like a kind of love that is not easy to name, just look and love.

There were early days when Hanoi was still dreaming of falling asleep, walking outside to wake up each other with funny strange sounds. There are sunshine in the afternoon, wobbly through the window of the roofs close together. Then the sunset, the sunset dyed red along the West Lake, the boys and girls often confided a little more together.

Ha Noi Capital is like a young woman at the age of love, wants people to look everyday, passion and silly. Hanoi is beautiful and idyllic, lovely and dreamy, like a kind of love that is not easy to name, just look and love.

Someone has ever stopped by there, must still have a Hanoi’s passion. Morning, wake up by the familiar sounds, on the loudspeaker, listen the sweet and deep melodies of love songs dedicated to Hanoi. Days of windy weather, wandering by the lake, watching the strange passion.

Maybe someone remembers, the night Ha Noi is windy, the scent of milk flowers is sweet. People admire praise, that sweet-scented milk flowers, want to inhale and strain their chests, want to hold for themselves a corner to calm down. Like the overly simple specialties of the Hanoi people, the nuggets are wrapped in fragrant lotus leaves, green, sticky and sweet colors, keep traveller stay here one again.

Come to Ha Noi Capital, you can’t leave immediately! Because it is so beautiful and peaceful. 

No way to forget the streets, street names are also saved. Passing through Dien Bien Phu, the electricity was gleaming with gold, reserved for the beloved Capital Region. The rows of trees along Kim Ma Road stretched, the festivities in the monsoon will call. Then thirty-six streets, the Bong, Hang Ma, Hang Bai, and Luoc … were dear and went into the mind.

These days, the Capital is happy to add a new age, remembering the history of the sacred dragon heroic nation. These days, going all over Hanoi streets, just to watch, to save and love. Remembering that we have such a lovely Hanoi, a long-time resident who has been familiar with himself as a home, a new people will fall in love here.

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