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For people who like to work in coffee: list lunch shops to sit “beams” all day in Saigon

Posted by Vy Tran on 11/06/2019
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In addition to drinks, the following bars also serve breakfast and lunch so that you can “immobilize” and be assured of “rooted” to get the job done.

For people who like to work all day at a coffee shop, the biggest problem is that it is impossible to not go out to eat, when it is time to return, sometimes my favorite place is occupied. Such times can only find other seats or find new shops, but are working “aggressively” but then it will be easy to lose momentum. So must quickly “guide the bag” of coffee addresses serving the whole package of drinking water and have lunch to rest assured to run ahead of the end of the year to eat the new year for fun!

Bang Khuang cafe (2nd floor, No. 9 Thai Van Lung, District 1)

Bang Khuang cafe has quiet space, deep tones as well as gentle music choices that are suitable to focus on work. This is still one of the most popular places for people to work, so you can be assured that you will only meet the whole “fellow”, not afraid of many visitors coming to talk too loud.

Coffee Lounge offers lunch with many options, but mostly Vietnamese dishes such as vermicelli, chicken rice, sticky rice types … so if you like a simple, simple lunch but rich in Vietnamese flavor You can change the wind here. A part of lunch here costs from 50k – 70k, calculated if “beams” all day, it only costs about 100k only, do you find it reasonable?

In addition, according to the criteria of working, the wifi here is strong enough to work smoothly or watch a short movie, very few phenomena jerky.

ID Cafe (34D Thu Khoa Huan, Ben Thanh, District 1)

Considering the criteria that the people care about, the ID Cafe is quiet enough, there is also a cozy and pleasant atmosphere, without the feeling of “industrialization”, so it is appropriate to sit for a long time. The shop has all kinds of cushioned sofa seats, so it is probably a plus point for you to feel comfortable, not afraid to sit for long.

Menu of cafe ID is quite diverse with cakes, water and of course lunch. Lunch rice at the cafe ID comes from Vietnamese dishes such as bun cha gio to Western dishes like Italian pasta with carbonara cream sauce. In addition, the restaurant also serves vegetarian food, who needs … “graduation” at the end of the year, then note to go to the restaurant.

M2C Cafe (Le Quy Don and Nguyen Thi Minh Khai)

M2C is a modern style café for dynamic young generation 4.0 generation. The shop has two branches in Le Quy Don and Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, every place is decorated in minimal style, very suitable for you who prefer the minimalist but still like luxury

M2C is also one of the modern style cafes that serve breakfast, lunch and snack. So, you can “sharpen your pants” from morning to afternoon here without fear of hunger and fear. In addition, the fairly modern “urban” style of the shop is also very suitable for active young people who are going to work.

The menu of M2C includes familiar dishes that are not picky, like fried rice, various kinds of rice, rolled salad, vermicelli … besides, the restaurant also serves light dishes such as spring rolls and fried potatoes, so when the mouth is sad, There are other options. A M2C meal is priced from 40k – 70k, so it is quite reasonable compared to similar cafes.


Oromia is a café with open space that is relatively popular in the world. If you prefer to work in a place that is not stifling, you should come here, around the shop is covered with ornamental trees and have a lake, long working can stand up for a round of stress relief is also effective. With a large space and many large tables, the shop is a suitable place for group meetings, so you can invite a few more “fellow practitioners” to add motivation.

In addition, Oromia‘s lunch menu is also quite rich and attractive, suitable for many tastes and preferences. The restaurant serves rice ribs, shrimp rice, grilled ribs, Italian noodles or light foods such as chips, which is an ideal place to sit all day. However, the price is quite high compared to the average price of 80-100k / part.

In particular, the shop has a lot of cats, so when you are tired, you can caress cute pets to relieve stress, this is not a bad idea.

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