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Did you know these 5 tactics to buy a house with good price?

Posted by Anh Thu on 31/03/2023
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Did you know these 5 tactics to buy a house with good price?

With the soaring situation of real estate, buying a house of your dream with an affordable price is not easy. Therefore, bearing in mind these 5 tactics to buy a house with good price is what most smart buyers apply. So what are these 5 tactics? Let Visreal take you through these best 5 tips so that you will be able to deal with the seller for the most feasible price that both sides are pleased with! Please stick with us till the end!

Top 5 tactics to negotiate the best price

1. Do the research

First thing first, you need to do your research on the local real estate market as each area has different housing prices. Carefully grasp the general price whether it’s a house or an apartment. The more you learn about the price, the more you avoid being overpriced.

Do the research about the market beforehand to be able to confidently make a strong offer

With the knowledge base, you can confidently make a strong offer. This shows the seller that you are serious and knowledgeable about the real estate market.

2. Do not rush to express satisfaction

Even if you have met the house of your dreams, don’t show your love or compliment for the house. Because any signs of liking such as your pleasant facial expressions or compliment, the homeowner will immediately base on those factors and raise the price.

Instead, focus on observing the house carefully, you will surely find its flaws, such as fengshui mistakes, degraded items that need repairing, or limitations of the surrounding residential area…Every house has at least one fengshui mistake. You can absolutely say that the direction of the kitchen, or the direction of the house is not suitable for your age, or ask a fengshui expert for advice.


From there, offer the price 10-30% lower than the original price. The homeowner may be concessional and consider giving you a bargain so that you can buy a house with good price.

3. Capture the psychology of the home seller

You should find out the seller’s motives for selling the house, such as financial difficulties, or whether they are an investor. This helps you negotiate with the seller the most profitable way.

For example, if the house is sold because the landlord needs the money urgently, you should apply the principle of mutual benefits, showing firmness with your thorough understanding of the market when bidding. This also affects the seller’s mentality.

You should find out the seller’s motives for selling the house to negotiate with them the most profitable price

4. Negotiate with sincerity and goodwill

You should not be too rigid, conservative, in case the seller puts you on the list of unscrupulous buyers. Then it will be more difficult for you to get the house. This is the time you should show a sincere attitude, express goodwill, and sympathize with the information shared by the homeowner. A comfortable atmosphere during the negotiation process is important to buy a house with the best price.

The principle when bidding is that you should offer a lower price than you are willing to pay, and continue to negotiate based on the principle that each party gives up one step. The process goes on until both sides reach an acceptable price. In case the two parties still can’t come to terms with the price, you should propose to apply the average price rule. Take the final price of the seller and the buyer, add up and then divide it by two.


5. Use a real estate agent

Consider using a real estate agent to help you with the negotiation process. An experienced agent can help you navigate the problems about the real estate market that you find complicated. They can provide valuable guidance and support throughout the home buying process, ensuring that everything goes smoothly from start to finish. Besides, they can also negotiate on your behalf.

There are many benefits when hiring a real estate agent. First off, it can help you have more time for family and work and help you buy your dream home at the right value. Moreover, legal procedures for real estate are also a problem that is not easy to handle. Many first time home buyers find it confusing to make deposits, sign contracts, prepare relevant documents for transfer or bank loans,…

Therefore, if there are too many barriers that make your transaction slow or difficult, you should consider consulting a real estate agent. At Visreal, we have a large database of properties to match clients with different needs. You can also get free and reliable consultancies from us.


To sum up

Negotiating the best price when buying a house can be a challenging task. But there are several tips that you can apply to increase your chances of success. And these 5 tactics that are mentioned above are worth keeping in mind. However, your own decisions are what truly matter and knowledge is the most critical. Hence, to affirm your opinions, you can widen your horizons beforehand through various ways, whether it’s from an expert or self-learning…and fengshui is also a thing worth considering when buying your dream house.

All in all, if you are planning to settle down in Saigon, Visreal offers all types of affordable apartments for sales and for rent in Ho Chi Minh City. Don’t hesitate to contact with Ms. Helen (+84) 903004226 (Whatsapp, Viber,..) to get free options and consultancies!

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