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Can Gio – The “green lung” of the South

Posted by Vy Tran on 01/08/2017
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Only about 60km from Saigon Center, Can Gio is not only a name that is like the beautiful green oasis of the city, but also a fresh seafood paradise that is delicious and cheap so you want to “move whenever you are bored. Rhythm of life in Saigon.


With the road is quite easy, you can go to District 7, Huynh Tan Phat straight direction toward Nha Be, then through Binh Khanh ferry to the district of Can Gio. The overall route is quite pretty, down the road in Can Gio district, the two sides of the forest should feel cool cool.

After 2 hours of travel, it is approximately 10 hours in the center of Can Gio. Here you go to Biasyon resting and drinking water. Here you guys gather to play ball full of iron ball. This is also quite famous in Can Gio, selling sugar tea super delicious, you should try.

The first point to visit is the main entrance light incense. Here, every year on the occasion very crowded people from all over the country to ask for a favorable business. – Is a prominent tourist address when tourists visit Can Gio.

After the tour, go straight to cart Hang Duong market seafood. Have to say it’s great on the whole, a sea of seafood …

Can Gio has many kinds of seafood, from crabs, flu, crabs to shrimps, snails … Among the favorites most visitors include shrimp. Cucumber shrimp is mostly tiger shrimp, caught from the sea or ponds, lagoons. In addition, there are other types such as iron shrimp with hard shell, or shrimps with crust soft shell, sweet remixed sweet meat excellent. The most delicious is still the kind of shrimp, usually around 3-4 lunar month. When processing, just wash the shrimp and put into the steamer, so that a bit of beer is a plate of fresh red shrimp attractive smoke. If you do not want to eat steak, you can grilled shrimp on the spot. The smell of shrimp fragrant, mixed with the smell of sea breeze from the ocean will make you feel better.

Scallops, crayfish, oysters…..

Next to the crab also has sea crabs. There are red, pink, blue. Eating the most delicious crab is at the end of the month because the meat will be stronger. Do not eat on the full moon day because of less meat – local people called “pour”. Can Gio also has flu crab. Basically, it looks like a crab, living mainly in mangroves. The body is black, carrying a shabby apricot, but the meat is strong and especially delicious. Also snails, Can Gio is where visitors can find many delicious dishes made from snails such as salad sour snail, snail, snail sea snail, steamed sauteed shells … Each kind of food to bring customers a sense. Get individual taste of the dish. If the screws for visitors feel tough, crispy crunchy, the snail fat is sweet and soft. Remarkable sea snail with cotton pads, points added to the sweet flavor and fragrance of the sea.

So embrace a bunch of seafood, full food, then go straight to Pearl Southern. In this area, you buy swimming tickets can swim artificial beach near the beach or rest, enjoy the sea, enjoy the rare cool space that some Saigon.

About 4 hours, go Monkey Island . Here, is too much to see monkeys, sightseeing is also fun to witness, play with it. There are things, you avoid bringing food to eat … because the monkeys are easily snatched food.

In the Monkey Island, in addition to exploring the world of mischievous monkeys, you can also go on the wooden bridge, looking down at the feet are all the dozen crocodiles floating on the water. Especially, who would like to try the crocodile fishing here is always or through the circus animal show …

Can Gio is a great ecotourism destination for tourists from all over, especially Saigon, to come here for a weekend getaway and a bad breath from the “green lung” of the South. Away from the hustle and bustle of urban life to immerse yourself in nature.

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