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Bun Cha is the root of the culture in Ha Noi

Posted by Vy Tran on 21/06/2017
| Food
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Barack Obama – President of USA arrived in Vietnam can not stand before the famous Bun Cha. Where is the charm to Bun Cha can not make this special guest so “attached” so?

Bun Cha is a reference to a food familiar to many, especially to those who lived and worked in the capital. With their own characteristics of color, flavor and processing, making Bun Cha go easily into the heart. The familiarity that few people think that burger Ha Noi is the root of the culture of the capital.

Origin, inherent value of Bun Cha

There is no accurate mark to record the history of Bun Cha. Only known for a long time, from generation to generation of Hanoians are still familiar with Bun Cha and considered this is an indispensable dish. The vermicelli is not high, it comes to people as simple as sitting at the desk with a comfortable swivel chair, can also sit on the cheap plastic chairs on the pavement but it is still deep in The subconscious of so many people. Bun noodle has a very personal flavor that makes anyone who goes away remembers.

The noodles are not eaten and remember forever

Instead of gripping the iron grate, people use bamboo sticks to grate meat and chopped parsley, the chopped parsley also leaves the river bones or leaves wrapped outside. Three pieces of meat are thin, marinated fish sauce, sugar, pepper and both types are sandwiched into small bamboo sticks. Bamboo used to clamp is fresh bamboo or hollow bamboo tube. Pieces of meat sandwiched between two strips of bamboo flat, tied to a head of granite, roasted on a charcoal stove. When eating the taste of bamboo, the taste on each pomegranate creates a very special flavor and office desk brand Fami. Bun is not monotonous with a way of processing that has many “variations”.

   1. Bun Cha Nuong La Chuoi

An innovative variation on grilled pork with Bun vermicelli is that each roll before grilling in the bladder will be wrapped with a layer of banana leaves outside. The good thing about this grilled banana is that it is tough, but not too flammable. When grilling it slowly and without burning it, the banana leaves are grilled and grilled. Bring a special flavor than the traditional baking dish. However, banana leaf banana requires attention to the attention, so that smoldering coal, not too big can rob the fire, especially when the banana leaves are burning.

    2. Bun Cha Nem Cua Be

Unlike other traditional bun boom dishes, including noodles, bowl of meat and vegetable dishes, when you call noodle crab spring rolls crabs, you will be served with crispy crispy crab shrimp crisp nose. The soft spring rolls without meat, also have shrimp meat, rustic meat inside, eaten very happy mouth that sometimes made diners impressed with the bun more. However, do not hurry greed that call because of often nem crab crab spring in the spring rolls are quite full, fat and fried fat so easily. You just need to add a meal with noodles that are already full.

With the rich and varied variety of delicious bun bo, anyone who has ever experienced this flavor will also record in the heart. Ha Noi is still busy, busy noodle buns that the office sisters after the busy working hours in the office cabinet 190 are eager to find. Delicious fragrant aroma, delicious delicious, but very Ha Noi has become a culinary culture forever – today and tomorrow.

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