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Top 6 Christmas board games for festive gathering fun

Posted by Ha Nhi on 16/12/2022
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Top 6 Christmas board games for festive gathering fun

Christmas is coming – Where should you go with friends and relatives? Obviously, Christmas is an occasion for us to gather together with our loved ones. It ranges from conversation starters during dinner to delectable desserts. However, don’t forget to save room for the best part—the Christmas party games! If you’re stuck for ideas, don’t worry Visreal can help. We rounded up an array of exciting Christmas board games for you to have the most fun possible at the party.

#1 UNO

It is impossible not to mention Uno first when it is always in the top 3 Christmas board game options for groups, Uno is known as the popular game because of its simple rules for all ages to participate. That’s why Uno is often chosen for friends and family gatherings.

You can find out the rules of this board games here


Almost everyone has heard of the werewolf game. Due to the easy-to-understand rules and clear factions, werewolf have a strong place in everyone’s hearts. Obviously, this is always the first choice when playing in a large group. Moreover, it requires players to role-play and use their critical thinking to win. Therefore, this game is a very useful rhetorical skill training game.

You can find out the rules of this board games here


It is no coincidence that Monopoly is one of the most famous and loved games in the world. This game is suitable for all ages, helps players train their intellect, increase thinking and judgment. In addition, it is a good foundation for raising children how to use finance intelligently and effectively. Monopoly has many versions, from cards to chess sets themed by famous movies such as Game Of Thrones, Marvel, Star Wars …

You can find out the rules of this board games here


Exploding Kittens is a very interesting tactical card game. It is  especially popular in students of school age due to the images and content of the funny cards. This game can have up to 10 players when prepared with the base deck and 5 expansion decks, so it’s a great choice for lively gatherings of friends.

You can find out the rules of this board games here

#5 BANG!

If you love western cowboy movies, Bang will be an extremely interesting game for you. In the game, you and your friends will be transformed into Western cowboys and divided into factions to fight each other. Whether it’s the righteous police or the notorious band of thieves, you’re guaranteed to have a good time and lots of laughter.

You can find out the rules of this board games here


Recently, drinking game has become a super hot board game for young people. Players will draw cards and choose to drink or do the task listed on the card. Each deck will have different content. You can choose the content that is appropriate for your age and group of people. Overall, this game is very suitable for gathering with large friends. Everyone will have time to get to know each other better. This game brings a lot of laughs and funny situations. If you do not have the idea of ​​having fun when gathering with friends, let try this game.

Let try “fire agent” to help everyone burn in the party


These lists above are the most popular and attractive Christmas board games that you can play. Each game will bring different experiences and feelings. Obviously, these games will surely bring you happy moments with friends and relatives. Let try these games for Christmas this year!

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