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AI is far more dangerous to humans – What is the truth?

Posted by Vy on 03/08/2023
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What is AI? AI is replacing humans in dangerous, difficult, or creative tasks? AI is posing serious harm to human existence and rights? So AI is far more dangerous to humans – What is the truth?

What is AI?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the most revolutionary and influential technologies of our time. It has the potential to transform every aspect of our society, from healthcare and education to entertainment and security. But as AI grows more sophisticated and widespread, it also poses serious dangers to our well-being, our values, and our future.

AI is a field of computer science that simulates human intelligence for certain tasks. It can perform complex calculations, recognize patterns, learn from data, generate content, make decisions, and more. AI can also perform any intellectual task that a human can do, such as reasoning or creativity.

What is AI?What is AI?

The harm of AI to humans

Many scientists, inventors and world leaders have warned of the harm of AI surpassing human intelligence and becoming an uncontrollable force. Elon Musk warned people to be “cautious with AI” and suggested that the government should regulate the technology because it poses “a danger to the public” in a discussion on Fox News

So should humans be afraid of AI? Is there any way to protect humans from AI harm? Many people are looking for answers to these questions. In this article, Visreal will provide you with an overview of the AI dangerous to humans, as well as some solutions to reduce and prevent potential risks. 

The harm of AI to humansCautious with AI

How can AI dangerous harm humans?

AI can harm humans in many different ways, from direct impacts to indirect impacts. Here are some examples of AI harm to humans:

  • Losing jobs: AI can replace humans in many jobs.  AI can also perform many tasks faster and more accurately than humans, especially those that are repetitive, routine, or low-skill. According to a study by McKinsey, about 800 million people worldwide could lose their jobs due to AI by 2030.
  • Violating privacy: AI can collect and analyze the personal data of users on online platforms, from social networks. In addition, AI can use personal data to create fake or infringing products. 
  • Bias, distortion: AI can also reflect or amplify human bias or distortion in the learning or application of algorithms. This can cause injustice or discrimination against groups of people based on gender, race, religion or social status.

AI is far more dangerous to humans - What is the truth?Is AI dangerous?

  • Deepfakes: AI-powered manipulation techniques can create deepfakes that alter or generate realistic images, videos, audio, or text that appear authentic but are fake. They can be used for spreading misinformation, propaganda, or defamation; impersonating or blackmailing someone; or influencing elections or public opinion.
  • Extinction: AI can become harmful to human existence if they surpass human intelligence and no longer obey or follow human control or guidance. Furthermore, AI may not care or disregard human needs, desires or rights. In the worst-case scenario, AI will also destroy and eliminate humans in their own homes by releasing toxic gas or explosives, preventing any communication or rescue, and cutting off the power and water supply…

How to protect humanity from AI dangerous

Protect humanityStop AI from overpowering humanity

In the face of AI dangers, many experts, organizations and governments have proposed and implemented solutions to reduce and prevent potential risks. Here are some typical solutions:

  • Create principles, standards and rules for AI: Currently, some international and regional organizations have announced principles or standards for AI to ensure that AI is developed and used in a way that benefits humans and society. 
  • Increase awareness and education about AI: Some programs or campaigns have been launched to increase awareness and education about AI to help people understand more about AI. For example, Google has launched the AI for Social Good program to encourage developers and researchers to use AI to solve social problems. Microsoft has also created an online education platform about AI for everyone.
  • Enhance cooperation and dialogue between stakeholders: Some forums or initiatives have been launched to enhance cooperation and dialogue between stakeholders related to AI. Moreover, the purpose is to promote participation, feedback and monitoring of stakeholders in the development and use of AI. 

The future of us in the AI era

The future of usAI changes the future

AI is a technology with great potential to bring many benefits to humans and society. However, AI also poses serious harm to human existence and rights. Therefore, humans need to have an objective and balanced view of AI. We also need to have a suitable strategy to develop and use AI in a way that benefits humans and society. 

Humans should not consider AI as an enemy but as an ally or a support tool. Humans will work and take advantage of the ability of AI to solve complex problems and enhance efficiency and quality of work.

We will not only care about developing AI quickly and effectively but also care about developing AI sustainably and responsibly. Humans will follow the standards and rules for AI. We need to ensure it is developed and used in a way that benefits humans and society. We will control and monitor AI closely, as well as build mechanisms to prevent and respond to potential AI dangers.

Convert AI into your ally!Convert AI into your ally!

You will not only work with AI but also integrate and cooperate with AI. In addition, we will have communication, interaction and relationship with AI as with partners.

To sum up!

AI is a powerful technology that can offer many advantages for humans and society. However, AI also carries serious risks for human survival and rights. Therefore, need to be aware and cautious of AI, as well as have a proper strategy to develop and use AI in a way that is beneficial for humans and society. Convert AI into your ally!

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