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Posted by Ha Nhi on 09/11/2022
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5 Guides to Enjoying Vietnamese Beer Culture Like a Local

Beer is the world’s most popular drink and each country has a different way of enjoying beer. Many tourists are excited about beer in Vietnam, not only because of the attractive price of this drink but also due to the extremely interesting way of drinking it. So what are the highlights of the Vietnamese beer culture that make foreign guests interested? Do not skip the following article by Visreal to know the answer.

“1, 2, 3… Dzoo!!!”

People who go to drink beer in Vietnam will use a lot of these sayings, and also create many situations to raise a glass. “Someone said a joke that was too funny?” Raise a glass. “I’m a foreigner and I look confused by what’s going on”. Raise a glass.

People in Vietnam frequently clink glasses together and chant “1, 2, 3, Dzo”

People in Vietnam frequently clink glasses together and chant “1, 2, 3, Dzo” instead of simply raising glasses and saying “cheers.” The word “cheers” will have a softer tone than when you want to invite the opposite person. While the word “dzo” in Vietnamese often expresses more energy, it resonates strongly when everyone chants in unison. If you have the opportunity to experience Vietnamese beer culture, let us shout as loudly as you can.

Hundred percent – “Trăm phần trăm”

An interesting feature of Vietnamese people when drinking beer: “trăm phần trăm”

This will be done in the case of two people drinking separately because of an event that “needs to raise a glass”. But let remember, this is one of Vietnamese beer culture, not a race! If someone else offers to drink one hundred percent, they want you to finish the beer and turn it upside down to prove that there are no drops left in the cup. But if you don’t want to drink it all, offer fifty percent. The purpose of drinking beer is to make everyone happy, so don’t feel guilty about saying no and “drink within your means.”

A whole “hill” of ice in a glass

75% of Vietnamese beer drinkers prefer to drink with ice

Almost everyone has the habit of putting ice when drinking beer in Vietnam. Even though it is cold, we drink beer without forgetting to put some ice cubes in the glass. However, drinking chilled beer is the best way to enjoy it when the glass and beer are both cooled at a temperature of 2–6 °C. Moreover, there is another reason why having ice in the glass will make it easier for people to clink and shake the glass every time they drink a “100 percent” beer.

Gathering to enjoy beer is “happiness”

People can enjoy beer anywhere, from roadside bars to bars, to “rooftop” bars with a view of the whole city. This is a special point in Vietnamese beer culture. With just a few simple drinks, a few chairs and a group of friends with the same taste, Vietnamese people can have a “hybrid” conversation.

Foreigners enjoy experiencing the beer drinking culture in Vietnam

Besides gathering in bars, there are also some people who just feel comfortable enjoying beer at home or at a family party, in a small and cozy space with their loved ones.

Everyone is a comrade!

The Vietnamese beer culture is not put much emphasis on who to drink beer with because at the banquet table, all are comrades. Sometimes, some friendships will be formed or friendships can become stronger thanks to the moments of enjoying beer together.

Some friendships will be formed thanks to the moments of enjoying beer together

To sum up

Drinking beer in Vietnam has become a special culture. Every meeting, no matter where, people also choose beer as a connecting drink so that every occasion is full of emotion and meaning. However, there is no “safe” level of drinking beer for drivers. Immediately after drinking a small amount, the ability to drive is affected, and it is easy to cause an accident. Remember, Drink alcohol or beer – Do not drive“.

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