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10 famous restaurant in Ho Chi Minh is loved by Europeans

Posted by Vy Tran on 01/11/2017
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Today we will introduce you to 10 restaurants in Saigon, including Western European restaurants such as Italy, France and Asian and European restaurants. It is important that these restaurants not only top the culinary background but also beautiful space, to the “faint” again. Romantic scenes, candlelight, delicious food are all you need for important occasions or for a long time pampering yourself a little.

1. Inter Nos – Italian & Grill Restaurant

Address: 26 Le Van Mien, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City. HCM.

Inter Nos is located in Thao Dien area, District 2 is quite quiet and has a large space.The restaurant has large glass window shimmering, extremely luxurious but no less warm cozy romantic. The first eye catching spot in Inter Nos is the extremely eye-catching flower arrangement that adds extra space to the space. Not only is the flower “red with no aroma”, on the contrary, Inter Nos eat points because this is where you taste the true Italian cuisine.

The quality of food at Inter Nos deserves top of the best Italian restaurants in Saigon. Here, you can not ignore signature, pasta, fettuccini, risotto, and burrata homemade cheese. Each dish is made with high quality materials and beautifully presented, showing Inter Nos is a classy restaurant.

With more than 200 types of wines and separate dining rooms, Inter Nos is the perfect place to date or for important occasions such as celebrations, birthdays, marriage proposals, confession … Take him here to ensure They will soon get lost.

2. El Gaucho: “5 Star Beefsteak Restaurant”

Address: 74 Hai Ba Trung, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City.

Located right in the heart of Saigon on the bustling Hai Ba Trung Street, El Gaucho is the first restaurant of Vietnam’s leading beefsteak restaurant chain.
From space has appeared “to shine” but still modern and very gu. El Gaucho is suitable for entertaining guests, dining with family and friends or romantic date in luxury.

Once you try beefsteak, you will understand why El Gaucho is the “best” beefsteak restaurant in Saigon. You will be selected from meat, sauces, meat (grams) and rare, medium rare, well done. Medium rare beefsteak in El Gaucho is always perfect, red meat, soft and succulent like melting in the mouth.

Beside fine beefsteak, the sauce is equally delicious, but the most popular is Chimichurri (a special sauce of the Argentine). El Gaucho also has delicious steak like potatoes, grilled vegetables, salads and “fire” here is the fatty cream spinach.

3.Muse Dining & Grill

Address: 35 – 37 Ngo Duc Ke St., Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City. HCM

Muse Dining & Grill is a new European restaurant in the heart of Saigon. Located near the pedestrian street, Muse enjoys an advantage over this prime location. Knowing that, the restaurant highlights at first sight. From the outside have seen the “to shine” than the Muse’s when the restaurant glistening glass, using dark colors mysterious but luxurious.

The menu is fusion style of all kinds of “delicious seafood”, and is especially famous for Wagyu beef. Diners must admit they are adamant about how to place dishes at Muse Dining & Grill. The food is a combination of color, raw materials as a fine art fine dining.
No matter the space, romantic, quality dishes that Muse Dining & Grill also confirmed the level of professional service. You can ask for “help” at the restaurant when you need advice on food and wine. At Muse Dining & Grill you will have a fine dining experience. A perfect night in the lights, candles and melodious music.

4. Trois Gourmands – French

Address: 39 Tran Ngoc Dien, Thao Dien Ward, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City. HCM

This is a renovated villa into a restaurant, so the space is a French luxury and romantic. Villa has a large front yard, with a garden and a small pool. During the day, you can choose to sit outside in the garden, next to the pool will be very relaxing as a resort. In the evening, sitting in the home will bring a warm feeling like eating in the house itself.

Trois Gourmands serves French and European cuisine and can be said to be one of the top European restaurants in Saigon. So no doubt, the quality of food here is extremely worth trying. You should try is the fatty goose liver taste the right taste of French cuisine. The cheese is very special, especially goat cheese, but if you are not familiar with the smell of cheese, then you should skip this. The main dishes are flavors of French cuisine can be referred to as scallops, salmon … Trois Gourmand food is decorated professionally and subtly not like 5 sa restaurant.

The plus points for Trois Gourmands are the hospitable hosts, attentive waiters, attentive waiters and waiters. The restaurant offers diners a sense of familiarity like dinning at home.

5. Social Club – MGallery Saigon

Address: MGallery Saigon, 76-78 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, Ward 6, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City

Social Club is located on the 23rd floor of Hotel Des Art – MGallery Sai Gon. Accor Group Hotel is elegant, elegant. And of course, the restaurant in Hotel Des Art – MGallery Sai Gon is also of quality and class.
Social Club features Western European cuisine along with a wide selection of wines and cocktails. Especially, the restaurant always invite famous chefs in the world to make money so you will have the opportunity to enjoy high-end cuisine.

6. The Log

Address: GEM Center, 8 Nguyen Binh Khiem, Da Kao Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City. HCM

As a European restaurant in Saigon for romantic dates, The Log has confirmed its name in recent times.
Thinking of dinner for special occasions, people choose The Log by many factors but first must be the impressive and unique design of the restaurant. Designed from the idea of ​​treehouse, The Log is separate from the excitement of Saigon in a space surrounded by wood, trees around.

Therefore, The Log luxury that extremely cozy. Plus for The Log is a melodious piano playing that adds a bit of romance to the atmosphere.
Menu at The Log in Western European style. The menu items are Western dishes are quite familiar but are subtle from the taste to the form. Certainly The Log will not disappoint you in choosing this place to host parties or important occasions.

7. Chill Dining Restaurant

Address: Floor 27 AB Tower, 76A Le Lai, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City. HCM.

Chill Dining has always been featured in foreign magazines, showing the classics of one of Vietnam’s first sky-bars. Located on the 26th and 27th floors of the AB Tower, Chill has an extremely beautiful view. The four-sided design creates the open space for you to enjoy the panoramic view of the city. You will enjoy both the evening and the night view.

As a restaurant with many years of experience in the F & B industry, Chill Dining dishes have never disappointed guests. With European style cuisine, come here to try the famous steak. Steak is cooked perfectly medium rare, soft meat and gradually dissolved in the mouth. At Chill, there is a long list of wines to choose from. If you are concerned, the staff is always enthusiastic advise you.

Good food, beautiful scenery shimmering, no longer requires more for a romantic evening or a luxurious space to meet partners.

8. Namo – Artisanal Pizzeria

Address: 74/6 Hai Ba Trung, District 1, HCMC. HCM.

Although opened last year, Namo has quickly become one of the most famous Italian restaurants in Saigon. The restaurant has outstanding space right from the outside. Namo’s furniture is modern, light and bright. If you sit at the bar you will be watching the chef making pizza from the kneading dough, rolling the cake, adding bread and baking bread in the oven.
Namo has raised the pizza to a high level. Pizza in Namo is always focused on raw materials, processing and form. So you will see the pizza here is fine dining. Namo’s unique feature is the long pizza with 6 pizzas in the meeting, of course you are selected 6 different for this long “pizza”. Not to mention, Italian pasta, pizza to cheese are all handmade from the restaurant so the taste does not mix.

Not only is pizza a highlight, but Namo’s pasta is worth a try. Italian restaurant that! Among the signature pasta, the best you can try is Crab Tagliolini Al Nero, this is a handmade pasta with black ink, cooked with crab and tomato for great taste.
Alongside the delicious dishes, the cocktails prepared by the bartenders of the restaurant, including Italian cocktails, are worth a try. Well, for you from 5 to 7 pm every day, Namo has happy hour 50% off all drinks in the menu. It is ideal for dating or gathering friends using Italian and “make some glasses” after work.

9. The Deck

Address: 38 Nguyen U Dich, Thao Dien, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City.

It is a shame not to mention a riverside restaurant with relaxing space to “like” the Deck. In recent years, more and more restaurants along the river but difficult to occupy The Deck – one of the pioneering restaurants along the Saigon River.

Unquestionably, space is extremely relaxing at The Deck is one of the factors that attract the most diners. The Deck has a spacious open space right next to the river, the interior is but still very close to nature. Not to mention, from the expansion into the area next to the Deck is bright and brighter. The Deck feels like this is not just a restaurant but a resort to relax, it is more correct. The space is more spacious so even though there are many guests, you still feel comfortable.
The best time to get to The Deck is at the weekend and at sunset. Come here in the morning to sit sipping breakfast at the riverbank and enjoy the slow pace, there is nothing slow.

The most beautiful Deck at sunset at 5 pm when the sun gradually falls into the Saigon River creates a colorful sky. Make sure there is nothing to relax by watching the sunset by the river. Just in time for 4 to 7 pm happy hour at The Deck so you can enjoy drinks, cocktails at half price.
Perfectly relaxing space, beautiful scenery, delicious food, The Deck is always in the top spots for romantic dates or family gatherings over the weekend.

10. Noir – Dining in the dark

Address: 178 Hai Ba Trung St., Da Kao Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City. HCM

Have you heard of this particular restaurant? Yes, as the name implies, Noir: Dine in the dark, you will dine in the room completely dark, not see the opposite.
Noir will have 3 menus for you to choose: Asian, Western and vegetarian. The menu here changes every three months and every meal includes appetizers, main courses and desserts. As soon as he stepped in, Noir showed his special when asked to put all the phones in his closet. The service staff in Noir is blind and when entering the dark room, you must follow the instructions of the staff from the knife to eat in the dark.
At first it will be a bit strange but it is because of eating in the dark that your taste buds work. The dishes in Noir are unique, each dish only a few, but the combination of materials is quite strange, you eat and reflect on what is what when the food gradually dissolved in the mouth.
A unique experience in Noir is that you can not use the phone, so during the meal you will have to talk to your friends. And not to say, the subject of these conversations will surely be the age-old guess of the dish already.

Truly, Noir is a restaurant that offers a unique experience in Saigon that you should try at least once.


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