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It is with great pleasure that I introduce D1MENSION, the first branded residence available for sale located in District 1, Ho Chi Minh City by international developer, CapitaLand and with property management by the world-renowned The Ascott Limited. From the exclusive lifestyle to the quality of provisions, CapitaLand invites you to truly make a statement in life at D1MENSION.

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The Ascott Limited

On behalf of The Ascott Limited, we are proud to be appointed the future property manager of CapitaLand’s residential project D1MENSION and the operator of the Somerset D1MENSION Ho Chi Minh City, located within the D1MENSION development. From the comfort of residential-style amenities to the warmth of our staff, we invite you to truly live life at its best at D1MENSION.

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Located in the prestigious District 1 of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, D1MENSION is brought to you by reputable Singapore-listed property developer, CapitaLand. It is one of Asia’s largest real estate companies headquartered and listed in Singapore, with a presence in 150 cities from 25 countries all over the world. In pursuit of excellence, CapitaLand leverages its significant asset base, design and development capabilities, active capital management strategies, extensive market network and operational capabilities to develop high-quality real estate products and services.

The Ascott Limited

In the serviced residence sector, its wholly-owned serviced residence business unit, The Ascott Limited, has a portfolio of more than 4,000 apartment units in 19 properties across the seven major cities, making it the largest international serviced residence owner-operator in the country.

CapitaLand Vietnam

Vietnam is one of CapitaLand’s key markets in Asia. The real estate market in Vietnam is supported by the country’s strong economic growth, rapid urbanization and a young and growing population. CapitaLand is committed to being a long-term real estate developer in the country.

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